Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Will Play, I Mean Review For Games...

If there's a lack of game reviews on this blog this couple of weeks, it is because the writer is busy playing games rather than buying games. Last month was pretty crazy with the purchase of Metroid Pinball and Worms: Open Warfare.

I'll stick to getting one game a month, or two (if they are secondhand) but if there are nice people out there willing to loan me some games to write about, much appreciated. Here are the previous game reviews on this blog:

1. Worms: Open Warfare

2. Metroid Prime Pinball
3. Brain Age
4. Animal Crossing: Wild World
5. Mario Kart DS

And of course, the hardware reviews:

1. WiFi Link
2. Rumble Pak
3. Playworks PS2000 Digital 2.1 Audio Speaker System
4. Gameboy
5. Nintendo DS

What's up next for this blog? A write-up of somewhere not located in Malaysia and how not to brick your WiFi router.