Saturday, October 14, 2006

This Post is brought to you by the letters M, E, T, R, O, I and D

The Metroid series of games has been synonymous with Nintendo and its consoles (handheld or otherwise). I don't want to pretend that I know Metroid but it goes to show how influential this series is when someone like me who previously isn't into console games to know the main character's name, Samus Aran and that she is one of the more iconic female video game characters of all time.

Now, the Metroid series has made it to the Nintendo DS and after almost a year since it was first released, I have purchased Metroid Prime Pinball. Yes, it is a pinball game and it comes with a Rumble Pak (more on that next time) to boot!

Gameplay wise, this game provides a very convincing pinball experience. The flippers can be controlled by either the shoulder buttons or the left directional key on the D-pad and the A button on the right. The rest of the buttons X, Y and B are used for weapons and for power-up selection.
No pinball game worth its salt will do without the ability to nudge (bump) the table and this can be done by using the touchscreen!

This game provides several options of play, namely Multi Mission, Single Mission and Wireless Mission. In both Multi Mission and Single Mission modes, playing a table is often peppered with mini-games in which completion will provide you Artifacts or Specials in the respective modes.
Tables can be unlocked for Single Mission play when successfully completed in Multi Mission play.

This game is really fast and vivid graphically with some nice effects thrown in, don't be suprised to see rain in the game. The sound effects and soundtrack compliments the game well and even though I haven't got to the point of hooking the game up with my speaker system, this game sounds great.

Regardless whether you are a casual player or a pinball aficionado, Metroid Prime Pinball makes for excellent pick-me-up games and replayablity. For the hardcore in you, post up your high scores online on the Metroid Prime Pinball leaderboards located here.

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