Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Train your brain?

Playing video games can be a mentally stimulating exercise but there are still stigmas whereby video games are associated with violence, sex and are generally a waste of time.

Brain Age is a game that well, defies at least 2 out of 3 stigmas listed above. Based on the work of a certain Japanese neuroscientist, Dr Ryuta Kawashism, Brain Age offers up different kinds of "mental exercises" designed to simulate your brain. Your brain will be rated in terms of its age, 20 being the most ideal and the older it gets, you are in trouble. Get better at the mental exercise and you should have no problem in lowering your brain's age.

Along with his avatar which appears in the game and dishes out funny quips, Brain Age comes with Sudoku! Yes, this is good news for those Sudoku addicts.

Whether or not playing Brain Age would make you smarter remains to be seen, but this game utilizes quite a number of features on the DS such as the mic, touchscreen and the dual screens to provide you with a rather interesting experience.

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