Thursday, October 12, 2006

That Rumbling Sound

Creative Playworks PS2000Creative first released the Playworks PS2000 Digital 2.1 Audio Speaker System way back in 2000. This particular model had a unique way of presenting 2.1 audio in a form "virtual 5.1 surround sound" using a Dipole unit and an active subwoofer which has built-in Dolby Digital decoder.

The highlight of this speaker system would be the Dipole unit which basically consists of two speakers joined together and placed on a stand. The direction in which the speakers are aimed is adjustable to produce the best possible listening effect to the user.

I got this set just a few days ago as a birthday present from my brother and I'm happy to say that besides the matching colours between the Dipole unit and my Nintendo DS, this audio set produces really great sound. I hooked up the DS with the speaker system and it really made my day hearing the sound effects from Mario Kart, especially that of the engine rumbling at the beginning of the race.

This funky looking audio set, which was marketed years ago as the perfect compliment for the Sony Playstation 2 in both looks and functionality, is currently out of production and thus unavailable in most online stores. However, scouting around your local computer store for this will definitely make it worth your time. Did I mention that this unit comes with a full complement of cables and a remote control as well?