Friday, October 06, 2006

Mario Kart DS

I've never played any previous iterations of Mario Kart but one thing is for sure, this game rocks. In Mario Kart DS, you get to race Mario and other characters from the Mario video games both in single player and multi-player modes.

There are a plethora of game modes, such as 8 different Grand Prix (32 track where you can race in three different classes, time trials, VS, battle and mission modes. This game has a very good "pick-me-up" factor with non of the races lasting more than several minutes. For an even exciting experience, challenge a friend over Nintendo's WFC service.

Gameplay wise, the game presents a fine example of racing mixed with the quirky elements from other Mario video games such as power-ups (and power-downs) and crazy maps. From winning races to getting better lap times or simply succeeding in battle or mission modes, Mario Kart DS guarantees great replay value.

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