Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Devil May Cry Collectibles: Darts & Flights

Now, these are some things a pub-going video game fanboy wouldn't mind being caught with. These Devil May Cry Darts from Capcom come in a set of three with 3 pieces of interchangeable flights. Click here for the Dante set or here for the Nero set.

Additional flights can also be purchased separately in sets of 3 as well, each set depicting a character from the DMC games. Click here for purchase details for these flights.

Namco DotGraph Figure with Sound: Video Review

Here's a video review of the Namco DotGraph Figure with Sound that arrived in my mailbox yesterday:

Interested in getting one for yourself? Visit at this link for purchase details.

A Package Full Of Video Game Collectibles and Accessories

A "care package" arrived from Hong Kong today, bringing with it a whole bunch of video game collectibles and an accessory.

Here's a mug shot of the contents of this delivery:

Interested in knowing what I bought? Here's the list:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Google Adsense Cash Out!

I went to cash-out my Google Adsense earnings earlier today, at a nearby CIMB Bank with Western Union service. The amount was just shy of USD 120, but at least I got some pocket money to pay for my new pair of tyres on the car, and a short holiday with the girlfriend.

Hooray for Google!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Club Nintendo Super Famicom Classic Controller for Nintendo Wii

Here's your chance to own a limited edition Club Nintendo Super Famicom Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii. That's right, this retro-throwback of a gamepad hooks up to your Nintendo Wii and is ideal for playing Virtual Console games.

No details on pricing yet, but Play-Asia will be opening pre-orders for this gamepad soon, so you'd better bookmark the following link:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bak Kut Teh Run/New Balance Klang Pacers Half Marathon - Post Race

The Bak Kut Teh Run, as some runners would fondly call the New Balance-Klang Pacers Half Marathon, is probably one of the cleanest runs that I've ever participated.

Let me explain. It would seem that almost every participant knows where the garbage bags are, and actually use them to dispose off rubbish (empty paper cups, banana peels, plastic bags, etc) properly! Hence, there's no scenario like in KLIM where rubbish was strewn all over the Dataran field.

It's just too bad that the number of participants for the Bak Kut Teh Run were so few. At one point there wasn't anyone within a 20 meter radius of myself and I got bored running and started walking instead, enjoying the sights along the way.

I saw monkeys (of the kera variety) scurrying on power lines, a couple of dogs starring intently like I'm a postman, the mini wet market with a cat waiting for scraps, and of course, the mosque (yang tersergam indah) and the Istana with a different view of the stadium.

The end result: 1 hour 19 minutes. My friend was saying that any longer and that I would be out of the qualifying time. But no worries, I just decided not to put the pedal to the metal. Normally I would finish a 10km run in an hour :).

I didn't even need to queue to get a drink of Milo or 100 Plus, testament to the low participant count. Anyways, do join the run next year as the finisher medal given out is pretty nice; looks like some Superman thingy.

Grand Theft Auto Central

This week marks the release of GTA IV, and over here at Nine Over Ten 9/10, this post is dedicated to all things GTA, from where to get the game, guidebooks, and even a trip down memory lane to great granddaddy GTA and grandma GTA 2.

So, all geared up for GTA IV? If you haven't got a current-gen console, you'd probably need one in the form of an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. Yup, it's a release across the board but if you own a Wii, go play Okami instead.

Where to get your copy of GTA IV? Folks living in the States, Canada and even the U.K are fortunate to have good video game distribution networks (retailers, stores) and they are also spoilt for choice in terms of online options.

One way of purchasing GTA IV is via; the game is available for pre-order for both the Xbox 360 (click here) and Playstation 3 (click here) versions and are eligible for Super Saver Shipping.

For us over here at Malaysia, it would seem that we have to rely on parallel importers to get our GTA fix, or purchase from online sites such as Play-Asia. Like Amazon, Play-Asia has both versions of the game available for pre-order. Click here for the Xbox 360 version and click here for the PS3 version.

GTA 4 Guide Books are available at (click here) and Play-Asia (click here) as well.

While you won't see Rockstar Games release GTA: Vice City as freeware, you can take a free walk down memory lane on the original Grand Theft Auto and GTA 2, courtesy of the said developer. Where to get them? Head over to this link.

Now, if I just can get a PS3...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weirdest/Coolest FMV on the Nintendo DS

The use of full motion video is getting pretty common place among Nintendo DS games, with the usual suspects such as the Final Fantasy series of games leading the way. Even the boxing game, K-1 World GP (Japanese import) utilizes FMV for its intro.

Most of the time, these FMVs are CG spectacles, designed to awe more than anything else. But have you seen anything that actually have you chuckling?

Here's one:

That's the FMV intro for Hissatsu Kung Fu: Kanji Dragon and it references old Chinese Kung Fu movies and even the Karate Kid, but look out for the Nintendo DS Lite in some scenes. The game requires knowledge of Japanese kanji characters (you write them on the touch screen) and when done succesfully, translates to kungfu moves to defeat your on screen enemy. Think Street Fighter where you have to write your combo moves instead of mashing buttons.

As you might expect, I couldn't go far with the game since I'm handicapped by my lack of kanji knowledge but for those of you out there with written Japanese knowledge, this is an interesting game to check out.

Hissatsu Kung Fu: Kanji Dragon is available at Play-Asia, click here for purchase details.

Retro Video Game Ads

1989. A year, where game ads in publications such as EGM, as well as game packaging, do not match that of the contents of the game itself. The cover might show a buffed-up Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, but in game graphics potray him as a few pixels short of being Mario.

And you'll find that in order to maximise money spent on ads, game publishers will advertise their entire catalogue of games in a single ad, hardly something you see these days.

Here are some of my favourite ads, from the very first issue of EGM..and yeah, 1989 is the only other time besides the Cold War where you can hear the phrase Soviet Mind Game. LOL.

If you have not download the very first issue of EGM, it's available in PDF form at Retromags. Click here for details.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Sony PSP Slim & Lite Colour and Official PSP Cradle with Remote, Out Now!

Head's up, there's a new Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Slim & Lite colour in town, Mat Bronze (PSPJ-2002). The Value Pack is now available at Play-Asia and it comes with the Battery Pack, AC Adapter, Strap, Cleaning Cloth, Pouch, 32MB Memory Stick Duo and D-Terminal AV Cable. Interested? Click here for details.

Also just recently released is the new official Sony PSP Cradle with comes with a (cue collective gasp), slim card type REMOTE CONTROL! According to the official website, the Remote Control allows the user to view movies, pictures and some other stuff on the PSP when it (the PSP) is attached to the cradle.

The Sony PSP Cradle comes in two variants, the first one without a bundled D-Terminal Cable and another version that comes with it. The Sony PSP Cradle is selling for USD 49.90, without the D-Terminal cable (click here for details) and for USD 69.90 with D-Terminal cable (click here for details).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

GameCube Controller, Now In White!

For the latest highlights on bargains and discounts for consoles, head over to the brand new

Out of the 4 previous gen consoles, I own two of 'em, a Sony Playstation 2 and a Sega Dreamcast. While I feel that the PS2 Dual Shock 2 controller is superior to that of the Dreamcast, there's one controller that never fails to keep me in awe and wonder on how it would be to use it.

This particular controller belongs to the Nintendo GameCube. While the Dual Shock 2 is rather utilitarian with its industrial and symmetrical design, the GameCube controller looks like a piece of art. Previously available in purple, silver, spice orange, and platinum, the GameCube controller is now available in White, to match the sleek and also white look of the Nintendo Wii.

Get the new White GameCube Controller for USD 24.90 (+ USD 10.40 shipping) at Play-Asia, which coincidentally is still cheaper compared to the same controller in other colours! Click here for further details.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bit Generations Coloris for the GBA - A Game Review

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If you have a game title that rhymes with chorela, you would be chuckling like me every time you see the box art for the game Coloris. Even the colour scheme reminds you of something related to the disease (diarrhea, anyone?). But one shouldn't judge a game by the title or box art or a combination of both.

Part of the 3 bit Generations games that I purchased earlier this month, Coloris presents a rather unique experience not unlike the other titles in the bit Generations series. First timers would do well to pay attention to the colour spectrum thingy in the first level.

The level is represented with rows upon rows of multicoloured tiles. The game plays a little bit like Tetris, whereby players will have to get a line of 3 tiles (horizontally, or vertically, or both even) or more in the same colour in order to make them disappear. How to change the colour of a tile depends on the tiles surrounding that particular tile. Remember the colour spectrum?

You can change the colour of the tile, in sequence to the colour of the surrounding tiles! Pretty interesting eh?

Here's a couple of gameplay videos that I shot earlier this evening so have a look:

Coloris is available at...scratch that, it's no longer in stock at Play-Asia, but you can keep tabs on it just in case the game comes back in stock. Click here for further details.

Of eBay Scammers and Nintendo DS Games

You know what, if you are an avid Nintendo DS gamer and if someone puts up two Nintendo DS games, Wario: Master of Disguise, and True Swing Golf, both of which you don't have, on eBay with a starting price of USD 0.99, you wouldn't want to pass that up.

So, someone actually did just that and after several days, I won both items, needing just to pay USD 12.97 for both games and the matter of combined shipping to be sorted out with the seller. My suspicions arose when the seller didn't reply my e-mails on that matter and it was a good thing that I didn't pay any money, since I'm the type to pay first if I'm purchasing single items.

Soon enough, the seller starts gaining alot of negative feedback from buyers of his other items, ranging from not sending out his items after receiving payment and remaining silent after receiving payment. This on a guy who had 2 positive ratings earlier on.

I could have been sitting in the same shoes as those other buyers if I paid first without asking. And there is also the matter of a zero rating account bidding exclusively on this seller's items. Price jacking? Maybe.

Anyways, I'm still waiting for the seller to reply my question. Perhaps I should take it up on eBay regarding this issue. And for the rest of you out there, caveat emptor! Buyer beware :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Am I Doing Up at 4 A.M.

I'm pulling off a late nighter for the company. It's nearly 4 a.m. and it has turned into a waiting game, where you have to wait for a bunch of folks to get something done before checking on your stuff to make sure everything still works.

While waiting, there's Digidrive (and a new obscene highscore, jgoreham, 5348 to be exact, hehe) and Anthony Bourdain eating a seal and other weird Canadian stuff on TV.

I'm really impressed with the battery life of the GameBoy Micro. Digidrive players will know how time consuming and addictive the game can be, and frankly speaking, the last time I charged this thing was like..3 weeks ago, and it's been Digidrive, Digidrive, Digidrive ever since. The Duracell bunny comes to mind.

While waiting, I also had a game of Literati on Yahoo Games. Pimp_3007 decided to close his browser after I played a 92 point bingo. In his own words, "not kool" indeed.

I'm still waiting, but then there's The Shield on TV. Hooray for Michael Chiklis and gang.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hori Portable Display Stand for the Sony PSP

Last year, I purchased a Magnet Stand for my Nintendo DS which helped in keeping the console upright and I need not hold the machine all the time. It's a pretty nifty device by Hori, with very strong magnets at its base. I can attach it, along with the DS, unto the fridge door without worrying about the entire contraption falling off.

I didn't know that there was something similar for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), but minus the magnets. Turns out to be that the Display Stand Portable (available in Black and White) is also manufactured by Hori. It supports both the original PSP (PSP-1000) and the new PSP Slim & Lite (PSP-2000).

Have something like a silicon skin or armour protecting your new Slim & Lite? No problem as the display stand will take on all comers as it will accomodate the extra protection in its PSP-1000 mode.

The Hori Display Stand Portable is currently available at Play-Asia in two colours, black and white, at a discounted price of USD 4.99. Click here for further details.

The Nintendo DS Magnet Stand is also available at Play-Asia, for a price of USD 14.90. Click here for further details.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nine Over Ten 9/10 Now Features Video Reviews

With the influx of video-based reviews (due to my webcam purchase a couple of days back), it's only right to introduce a new navigation menu called Video Review. Do check it out on the left navigation pane, under Features.

Digidrive High Score Caught On Video!

I brought on my A-game today and cracked my high score not once but twice in Digidrive. The first attempt brought about an effort 834 metres more than the previous one (3814 m versus 2980 m). And this was done in Hard mode.

Switching to the harder and faster Expert mode brought about a 4278 metre attempt, a brand new high score! And I got that on video!

If you think my limited edition GameBoy Micro Famicom Edition is cool, you can get your own at Play-Asia for nearly half price! Click here for further details.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Star Wars Lightsaber 3 Keyring Gashapon with Pics and Video!

A package arrived today from Play-Asia, and after opening and assembling the contents, all I can say is that the Force is strong in the Star Wars Lightsaber 3 Keyring Gashapon collection from Yujin.

If only reviews are so simple. Feast your eyes on the following pictures of my collection of Star Wars Lightsaber 3 Keyring Gashapon, and look out for the video at the end of this post showing how to assemble these lightsabers. Luke Skywalker would be proud indeed.

These things come with batteries included, so once you remove the safety peg on each lightsaber's on/off switch, you are ready to light it up. Here's the video as promised (I've got trouble uploading it to Youtube, so switching to Blogger instead):

Interested in purchasing one or more lightsaber keyrings? Head over to Play-Asia (click here) for purchase details.

Mario Kart DS + Paddle Controller Video!

Previously I wrote a post on how to enable Mario Kart DS to accept the new Taito Paddle Controller as an input device. Now I've successfully shot a video of me playing Mario Kart DS with the Paddle Controller and actually finishing a race (in second place, no less)!

Do take note of the minute movements on the Paddle Controller which are necessary in order to control the kart properly. Turn too much and you'll be going left, or right, all the time.

Click here to read the previous post on how to use the Paddle Controller with Mario Kart DS.

Tools of the Trade - Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000

I made a pilgrimage to the high tech mecca of KL known as Low Yat Plaza, and came home with a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000. This webcam probably eats cheap webcams for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are some specs, which are pretty intriguing since they are not available on most web cams: Carl Zeiss lens, Autofocus, 2 megapixel sensor, captures video up to 1600 * 1200 (HD Quality) with HD video at 960 * 720 pixels and captures pictures at up to 8 megapixels (with software interpolation).

Nice eh? Price tag: RM 310. What can you expect from this kind of investment? Video reviews of course. In fact, I have one coming right after this post!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Your Vote Counts - Vote for Nine Over Ten 9/10

There's a new addition to the "features" portion of Nine Over Ten 9/10's navigation pane. This time it's for movie reviews.

Before I forget, I would like to invite you, cherished readers to vote for my blog in the following categories of Best Geek Blog, Best Entertainment Blog, Best Pop Culture Blog and Best Hobby Blog for the Blogger's Choice Awards. Click on the following mini banners to vote for my blog in this annual compettion:

My site was nominated for Best Geek Blog!

My site was nominated for Best Entertainment Blog!

My site was nominated for Best Hobby Blog!

My site was nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog!

As a token of gratitude, here are 5 coupons that you can use with your order at Play-Asia to get USD 5 off your 50 dollar (or more) purchase.
These coupons are one-time use only, so better hurry and click here to begin shopping at Play-Asia.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Entire Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright Series Going For Cheap!

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There's a whole bunch of Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban titles selling for a new best price of USD 19.90 each at Play-Asia. The titles are:

Here's your chance to get the entire Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright collection of games for a cheap price. With the exception of Gyakuten Saiban 4, the rest of the games are dual-language.

Space Invaders Extreme and the Paddle Controller - A Review

I totally forgot that I have the Japanese edition of Space Invaders Extreme sitting pretty in my Nintendo DS games library until Jonathan commented in my previous post. So how does it play with the Paddle Controller?

A little better compared to playing Arkanoid DS (where it was moving too fast like Hammy on caffeine - watch Over the Hedge and you'll get my drift), but this time, the Paddle Controller is too slow. You can see that minute movement is pretty jerky and this being Space Invaders, you'll find yourself needing to anticipate your moves sooner to avoid getting boxed in by enemy fire.

Forget about side-stepping shots at the last moment, the Paddle Controller is simply too slow. You are better off using the D-pad. Coincidentally, the D-pad is used as the fire button if you have the Paddle Controller connected instead, so there's no switching from Paddle to D-pad on the fly when it comes to movement.

One minor detail that I notice is unlike Arkanoid DS (or Mario Kart DS post-patch), you can't use the Paddle Controller while in Space Invaders Extreme's menu mode.

I think it's time to put the Paddle Controller back into its box. And say "Welcome back, D-pad!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Arkanoid DS with Paddle Controller - A Really Short Review

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I've got a confession to make. I fell asleep playing Arkanoid DS. I wanted to take my new Paddle Controller for another spin (pun intended) and I was nodding 5 minutes into the game.

I don't know whether it is the really simple graphics (the black gap in the middle between the two screens IS a game breaker), or the horrible controls (the Paddle Controller is sucky because it's too fast) or the now commonplace techno-funky soundtrack (which can give lullabies a run for their money) that caused such a lethargic response from me.

In short, it will be quite a long time before I play that game again.

Anyways, the game is available at Play-Asia for USD 49.90 and comes bundles with the Paddle Controller. Click here for futher details.

Street Kings - A Movie Review

Casino Royale revealed James Bond to be a blunt instrument, and a rather effective one at that. This year, Keanu Reeves takes on a similar role, as Tom Ludlow, a gun-fighting police detective in the David Ayer directed Street Kings.

Detective Tom Ludlow is one cop you wouldn't want to cross (if you are a felon). The type to deadpan a little before shooting you dead, he is essentially a one man judge, jury and executioner for the vice squad that he works in.

Such is the nature of his work that his superior, Forest Whitaker's Captain Jack Wander, would be left to clean up the mess, often by making evidence go missing, twisting headlines and turning a blind eye to Ludlow's penchant for gunfights. More often than not, the rest of the vice squad would be press-ganged to do clean-up detail and this causes some tension between Ludlow and the rest of the squad.

Not helping matters is a Dr. House like IA captain, James Biggs, played by non other than Hugh Laurie himself, investigating Ludlow and the activities of the vice squad.

When Ludlow's former partner, Washington, gets killed before he gets the chance to bash his jaw in for ratting him out to Biggs, Ludlow uncovers a conspiracy involving Wander, the vice squad and the rest of the police squad.

As a gun-fighting policeman, Keanu Reeves' character is surprisingly "blur". Deployed as a blunt instrument and seemingly prized by his Captain, he doesn't realise that he is just a tool and really is expendable.

Reeves' wooden acting style, as seen in the Matrix movies doesn't really suit a pained detective with baggage (his wife died when she was with another man), but the dead-panned scenes are pretty funny.

I wouldn't recommend watching this ensemble cast in a local cinema even though it's a good one, as true to form, the censors practically butchered the movie, cutting up even lines of dialogue. My suggestion? Wait for the DVD. It should be out anytime soon. Hugh Laurie, not Keanu Reeves, is worth the price of the disc.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What Games to Play With the Nintendo DS Paddle Controller?

Jon posted an interesting question on my previous article on how to get the Paddle Controller to work with Mario Kart DS: What other games does the Paddle Controller support (a.k.a what other games can you play with the Paddle Controller)?

The two games which I know that officially support the Paddle Controller are Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS.

The one game that has unofficial support for the Paddle Controller, courtesy of a cheat code, would be Mario Kart DS. Unfortunately for us, the guy that provided the cheat code to do so has not produced any other cheat codes to enable Paddle Controller support on other games.

Keep this page bookmarked, as I'll be updating it as soon as new games that support the Paddle Controller show up.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

How To Use the Paddle Controller with Mario Kart DS?

For more homebrew guides for your Nintendo DS, head over to the brand new

This article could have been titled "How to Add Cheat Codes to Your R4DS?" as what am I about to describe to you is essentially that, but hey, I figured the title is eye-catching, so do bear with it :).

Produced by Taito to go along with its release of Arkanoid DS, the Paddle Controller does seem a little limited in application. However, did you know that you can actually play Mario Kart DS using the same Paddle Controller?

It does require some "cheating" on your part since the Paddle Controller is not officially supported by the game, having been released some two years before this odd-looking controller hit the market. Support for the Paddle Controller can be implemented by means of Action Replay or any flashcart with a built-in cheat function.

Since I don't have an Action Replay, here's a guide on how to add Paddle Controller support for your Mario Kart DS on the R4DS.

There are some prerequisites. You'll need a couple of things:
Once you have downloaded the R4 Cheat Code Editor, remember to uncompress it to somewhere easily accessible. You'll be using the Cheat Code Editor for most part of the guide.
  1. Start the Cheat Editor by clicking on the r4cce.exe file.

  2. Once in, select File -> Open

  3. Look for the CHEAT.DAT file located in the _system_ folder of your R4DS MicroSD card, and click on the Open button

  4. This will cause all the Cheat Codes stored in the CHEAT.DAT file to be listed out, by game, on the left pane. Look for Mario Kart DS.

  5. Click on the Add Code button in order to enter one of the two cheat strings to enable Paddle Controller support for Mario Kart DS.
    Enter the following information (obtained from prerequisite 1.) in the corresponding text boxes:

    • Code Title: Virtual D-Pad Patch
    • Comment: Press SELECT+START to patch
    • Code List: 94000130 FFF30000 023FE074 012FFF11 E0000000 00000030 E92D003F E3A04301 E2844E13 E3A01402 E3A02402 E4920004 E1500004 05021004 E3520623 1AFFFFFA E8BD003F E12FFF1E 023FE074 E3520003 D2000000 00000000

  6. Click on the Add Code button again to enter the second cheat string. Enter the following information (obtained from prerequisite 1.) into the corresponding text boxes:

    • Code Title: Paddle Controller Handler
    • Comment: by Yasu software (
    • Code List: A4000136 00000000 023FE074 012FFF11 E0000000 000000A0 E92D003F E3A04301 E2844C02 E1D400B4 E3800023 E1C400B4 E3A0140A E5D13000 E5D10001 E1833400 E1A03A03 E1A03A43 E59F5060 E3550A0F 01A05003 E2444C01 E1D413B0 E2010030 E3500030 11A05003 E58F5040 E0433005 E59F203C E3730008 B0822003 E3530008 C0822003 E3720C01 B3C11020 B3A02000 E3520C01 C3C11010 C3A02000 E58F2010 E3A04402 E1C410B0 E8BD003F E12FFF1E 0000F000 00000000 023FE074 E3520003 D2000000 00000000

  7. Once this is done, it's time to save the changes that you have done to the CHEAT.DAT file. Click on File->Save to do so.

Now, replace the MicroSD card back into the R4DS flashcart. Before starting the Mario Kart DS ROM on the R4DS, be sure to enable the cheat codes by visiting the Cheat Menu via highlighting the ROM and pressing Y.

Once the game isstarted, press the Start and Select buttons simultaneously. After that, pressing left or right on the direction pad will calibrate the Paddle Controller's centre point to its present position.

Use the Paddle Controller to move left or right (but not up and down) when it comes to menu options and during the race. Be warned though that the Paddle Controller can be quite sensitive, which would lead to some over-steering action :).

The Paddle Controller for the Nintendo DS is available at Play-Asia with the price tag of USD 19.90. Lets just hope that other developers would take advantage of this new controller in order to justify the price tag.