Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weirdest/Coolest FMV on the Nintendo DS

The use of full motion video is getting pretty common place among Nintendo DS games, with the usual suspects such as the Final Fantasy series of games leading the way. Even the boxing game, K-1 World GP (Japanese import) utilizes FMV for its intro.

Most of the time, these FMVs are CG spectacles, designed to awe more than anything else. But have you seen anything that actually have you chuckling?

Here's one:

That's the FMV intro for Hissatsu Kung Fu: Kanji Dragon and it references old Chinese Kung Fu movies and even the Karate Kid, but look out for the Nintendo DS Lite in some scenes. The game requires knowledge of Japanese kanji characters (you write them on the touch screen) and when done succesfully, translates to kungfu moves to defeat your on screen enemy. Think Street Fighter where you have to write your combo moves instead of mashing buttons.

As you might expect, I couldn't go far with the game since I'm handicapped by my lack of kanji knowledge but for those of you out there with written Japanese knowledge, this is an interesting game to check out.

Hissatsu Kung Fu: Kanji Dragon is available at Play-Asia, click here for purchase details.