Friday, April 11, 2008

N5DS Flashcart for Nintendo DS, Con Job or the Real Deal?

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I remember reading somewhere about a forummer asking for comparisons between the newer N5DS flashcart with the older R4DS flashcart for the Nintendo DS. Curious, I decided to look up for info regarding the N5DS, and I was pretty surprised with my findings.

First of all, have a look at the cache version of the original English N5DS website (here). Look familiar? That's because it's a rip of the English R4DS site. Even the underlying META tags for the R4DS site can be found in the N5DS's HTML code, see below (click to enlarge):

The current site doesn't really state whether the cart supports SDHC (what the hell does "N5 all Hold out SD-HC, 4G & 32 G SD" mean?), but most people have pass it off as a cheaply made R4DS clone (here and here).

Unlike the R4DS however, buying the N5DS comes with a very big caveat, it has a reputation for blowing up the Nintendo DS fuse (here)!

You know what? Forget about the N5DS if you are looking for something to run homebrew, music and video files on the DS. It's simply not worth it.