Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grand Theft Auto Central

This week marks the release of GTA IV, and over here at Nine Over Ten 9/10, this post is dedicated to all things GTA, from where to get the game, guidebooks, and even a trip down memory lane to great granddaddy GTA and grandma GTA 2.

So, all geared up for GTA IV? If you haven't got a current-gen console, you'd probably need one in the form of an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. Yup, it's a release across the board but if you own a Wii, go play Okami instead.

Where to get your copy of GTA IV? Folks living in the States, Canada and even the U.K are fortunate to have good video game distribution networks (retailers, stores) and they are also spoilt for choice in terms of online options.

One way of purchasing GTA IV is via; the game is available for pre-order for both the Xbox 360 (click here) and Playstation 3 (click here) versions and are eligible for Super Saver Shipping.

For us over here at Malaysia, it would seem that we have to rely on parallel importers to get our GTA fix, or purchase from online sites such as Play-Asia. Like Amazon, Play-Asia has both versions of the game available for pre-order. Click here for the Xbox 360 version and click here for the PS3 version.

GTA 4 Guide Books are available at (click here) and Play-Asia (click here) as well.

While you won't see Rockstar Games release GTA: Vice City as freeware, you can take a free walk down memory lane on the original Grand Theft Auto and GTA 2, courtesy of the said developer. Where to get them? Head over to this link.

Now, if I just can get a PS3...