Thursday, April 24, 2008

GameCube Controller, Now In White!

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Out of the 4 previous gen consoles, I own two of 'em, a Sony Playstation 2 and a Sega Dreamcast. While I feel that the PS2 Dual Shock 2 controller is superior to that of the Dreamcast, there's one controller that never fails to keep me in awe and wonder on how it would be to use it.

This particular controller belongs to the Nintendo GameCube. While the Dual Shock 2 is rather utilitarian with its industrial and symmetrical design, the GameCube controller looks like a piece of art. Previously available in purple, silver, spice orange, and platinum, the GameCube controller is now available in White, to match the sleek and also white look of the Nintendo Wii.

Get the new White GameCube Controller for USD 24.90 (+ USD 10.40 shipping) at Play-Asia, which coincidentally is still cheaper compared to the same controller in other colours! Click here for further details.