Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bit Generations Coloris for the GBA - A Game Review

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If you have a game title that rhymes with chorela, you would be chuckling like me every time you see the box art for the game Coloris. Even the colour scheme reminds you of something related to the disease (diarrhea, anyone?). But one shouldn't judge a game by the title or box art or a combination of both.

Part of the 3 bit Generations games that I purchased earlier this month, Coloris presents a rather unique experience not unlike the other titles in the bit Generations series. First timers would do well to pay attention to the colour spectrum thingy in the first level.

The level is represented with rows upon rows of multicoloured tiles. The game plays a little bit like Tetris, whereby players will have to get a line of 3 tiles (horizontally, or vertically, or both even) or more in the same colour in order to make them disappear. How to change the colour of a tile depends on the tiles surrounding that particular tile. Remember the colour spectrum?

You can change the colour of the tile, in sequence to the colour of the surrounding tiles! Pretty interesting eh?

Here's a couple of gameplay videos that I shot earlier this evening so have a look:

Coloris is available at...scratch that, it's no longer in stock at Play-Asia, but you can keep tabs on it just in case the game comes back in stock. Click here for further details.