Monday, December 31, 2007

Nine Over Ten 9/10 Wishes You Happy New Year!

Four more hours to the New Year, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors, and commentors to Nine Over Ten 9/10. Thank you for making it a great year for this blog and yours truly.

A special shout out to:
  • Aaron ( - Thanks for the invites and the party.
  • Alex ( - Don't forget to get the Raiden Kubrick from me.
  • Jon ( - For being one of the first to comment.
  • Richard ( - Lego rocks, and thanks for your contribution.
  • Penman ( - For Doodolls, and the help on Kinabalu
  • Jason ( - For all the cheap games, and sharing the same Christian name :P
  • Steven ( - For being an infectious Transformer nut
I've got to run, and just in case I left out anyone, don't fret because I'm wishing all of you (readers, visitors, commentors alike) a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ouendan 2 at USD 29.90, and Other Cheap Import Games Updates

For the latest highlights on bargains and discounts video games, head over to the brand new

Here's an update on the Ouendan 2 for USD 29.90 weekly special at Play-Asia, you have one more day to take advantage of this offer before it expires. Click here to grab it now!

Now here are some Japanese import Nintendo DS games that are heavily discounted as well:

Friday, December 28, 2007

Video Game Collectibles - Postcard Books

If you thought the Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban Postcard Book and the other collectibles were cool, check out the following video game postcard books:

1. Jump Ultimate Stars Postcard Book. Click here for details.

2. Kingdom Hearts II Postcard Book. Click here for details.

3. Tamagotchi Otegami Enjoy! Postcard Book. Click here for details.

4. Rockman EXE 5 Postcard Book. Click here for details.

5. Rockman EXE 3 Postcard Book. Click here for details.

6. Rockman EXE 2 Postcard Book. Click here for details.

7. Rockman EXE Postcard Book. Click here for details.

8. Front Mission 3 Postcard Book. Click here for details.

For more video games and anime postcard books, check this site out!

1/60 Scale Gradius Vic Viper Model Kit On Sale Now!

I've blogged about this previously when it was first announced, but now, the Gradius Vic Viper model kit is available for sale online!

This 1/60 scale model, measuring approximately 200 mm in length comes with several "options" (Gradius fans will known what's that) and has several extras too.

Here's a write up from the online retailer Play-Asia about this model kit:

Vic Viper, the classic fighter ship from the Gradius series has made it far since its first launch in 1985:

Besides starring in numerous Gradius video games, the Viper became a guest star in several other game franchises and anime series

One of the recent appearances has been the 2006/2007 TV-anime series "Skygirls
Set in 2084, the hope of the mankind lies on a new fighter, a secret military development. Vic Viper, equipped with laser-plasma guns and the fastest engine ever used in a space fighter.

Three times, the Vic Viper appears in Skygirls: in Episode 7, when the prototype is charging the sky for the maiden flight; in Episode 14, when the ship is involved in the first battle against a worm; and in episode 21, when a whole squadron joins the attack against a special enemy

This 1/60 scale model-kit is based on illustrations by Akitaka Mika, well-known for his skilled work in many series and games such as Gundam and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna.

With several option parts this model is a true collector's item and must have for all Gradius and Skygirl fans.

For purchase details, click here. Alternatively, consider the smaller, but no less detailed (for its size), Shooting Game Historica Figure Gashapon Collection which features the Vic Viper as well.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jam Sessions DS and How To Unlock More Songs

I was asked at a Christmas gathering on whether do I know how to play a guitar. Even though the answer was no, and putting aside that I actually know how to play the electronic organ, I'm actually rather interested in picking up playing the guitar.

So, I did something that I've always wanted to do when I purchased Jam Sessions for the Nintendo DS, which is to hook up my Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 subwoofer system to my Nintendo DS while playing that game.

Having done that, it really sounded like I was playing the guitar. So if anyone were to ask whether I know how to play a guitar, I would probably answer, I don't know about the acoustic or electric guitar, but I sure can play an "electronic" one with a touch screen on it.

Jam Sessions allows you to be that guitarist you always wanted to be (this might be hyperbole)..and then some. The keys are, depending on whether you are right handed or a southpaw, are controlled by the directional pad and u strum by sliding the stylus up or down the touch screen.

The European version, which I own, comes with some a plethora of songs,and some, can be unlocked using a special code entered during the Free Play mode: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. If you are using the left-handed mode, key in the following combination: X, X, B, B, Y, A, Y, A.

Now, if you may excuse me, I'm gonna try to be Pete Townshend and not trash the touchscreen at the same time.

To get the original Japanese guitar simulation game that inspired Jam Sessions, click here. For purchasing info for Jams Session (US Edition), click here

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Christmas Be@rbrick Set Pictures!

Here, as promised, are pictures of the pair of 2007 Christmas Be@rbricks. Happy Merry Xmas!

Purchase details can be found here!

Ouendan 2 Now At A Low Price!

News flash! Fans of import Nintendo DS games can now rejoice as the sequel for Osu Tatake Ouendan, Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2, is now available at a low price of USD 29.90!

Click here for purchase details.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

2007 Christmas Be@rbricks, Thanks Mr. Postman

Mr. Postman played Santa earlier today on Christmas Eve when he delivered not one, but two packages that I had ordered earlier this month. As I suspected, the local mail service was the cause of the late delivery, having probably being overwhelmed by holiday mail.

Anyways, what just arrived? Jam Sessions for the Nintendo DS and the 2007 Christmas Be@rbrick Set!

Stay tuned for a review of Jam Sessions and also pictures of the Be@rbricks. To purchase the Be@rbricks, head over here.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Phoenix Wright Playing Cards and other Gyakuten Saiban Collectibles

Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban fans might be interested at the following collectibles:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's TheTime Of The Season

It's the time of the season, where you know, video games site come up with year-end reviews and the ubiquitous and prerequisitie fixture of the season: Game of the Year lists.

I opt for a mixture of both. I spent the better part of the year building up my collection of Nintendo DS and GBA games. I forgot how many titles I bought this year, brand new or second hand, but at current count I have 30 original Nintendo DS titles, and 2 GBA games.

So if you were to ask me what was the best game so far I've played this year, out of the more recent bunch I bought (The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Picross DS, Worms Open Warfare 2 and Final Fantasy III), I would say it would be Planet Puzzle League. Surprised? Don't be. It's just a totally psychedelic experience.

Anyways, the best 2nd hand game I got would be Clubhouse Games, and in contrast, the most useless piece of crap bought secondhand title goes to Custom Robo Arena. Last year's recepient was Worms: Open Warfare.

Since the middle of the year, I've been dabbling with the R4DS, a slot-1 cartridge for the Nintendo DS that allows the user to play videos, MP3s, homebrew software and pirated Nintendo DS ROMs, something it was particularly notorious for.

I ended up writting guides to running homebrew on the DS and a particularly popular one is a guide to using Moonshell.

There is also The ROM Report series. I wouldn't call The ROM Report series popular, but after playing a whole lot of retro games on the DS courtesy of emulators, it would be "informative" to write about the whole experience..and there are readers too :).

Best retro game I've played so far? SNES fans would be no stranger to this particular shmup, Gradius III.

This is also the year that I've bought alot of figurines. Most of them are video games related. To check out my collection, click here.

So did I achieve the goals that I set out for earlier this year with this blog? I would be lying if I were to say yes. I didn't touch on XNA and was too busy to even try my hand at even developing one game. Nor did I get an Xbox 360, the 3ROD being a major stumbling block.

Anyways, this blog will continue to provide reviews, guides, features, commentaries, first-looks and of course highlights of deals and bargain bin stuff, so stay tuned with Nine Over Ten 9/10.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Star Wars Titanium Series Diecast and Transformers Encore at cheap prices!

I was browsing a favourite online retailer's catalogue when I found out that they started selling Titanium Series Star Wars diecast models and Transformer Encore action figures No. 5 Ironhide and No. 6 Rachet for prices cheaper than that of Ebay and with free shipping to boot!

These are the Hasbro Titanium Series Star Wars pre-painted diecast models on sale:
The entire list of Titanium Series die-cast models for sale can be found here.

As for the Takara Transformers Encore figures, they are:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Phantom (Lapboard) And The King (Duke Nukem)

It would seem Christmas is the season for vaporware to crawl out of the woodwork. First, there was the Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer that was just released yesterday (click here to view), and now, Phantom Lapboard is now on sale!

As a refresher, the Phantom Lapboard was supposed to be part of the infamous vapourware known as The Phantom, a video games console under development by Phantom Entertainment (the company previously known as Infinium Labs).

The console was supposed to play current and future PC games and utilise a direct download service, instead of the typical delivery systems such as disc and cartridges.

As an offshoot of The Phantom console, the Phantom Lapboard is a combination of a keyboard and mouse, which can be used/held on the lap. It's now on sale at the Phantom Entertainment website, for a cool USD 129.95, and only for US customers.

What other vaporware would you like to see come out of the mists..or vapor?

Hail to the King, Baby? It's that you, Duke?

After years of being derided as vapourware, Duke Nukem Forever finally shows some proof of life with a teaser trailer! Oh yes, the King is looking for some "alien toilet" to park his "bricks".

Click here to view the teaser trailer currently available at Kotaku!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bargain Nintendo DS and PSP Games for under 20 Bucks

You know what, I like bargains, and I bet you do too. So while I'm waiting for my Jam Session DS, which I purchased for USD 14.90, to arrive, lets have a look at some PSP and Nintendo DS games that you can purchase for less than 20 bucks.

Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Games:
Nintendo DS Games:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Shopping Guide - Gifts for Office Workers

Running out of ideas on what cool presents to buy for your colleagues and friends? Well, here's an Office Workers edition of the Holiday Shopping Guide, featuring a bunch of weird and whimsical stuff.

First up, a Missile Launcher. No seriously, it's a USB Missile Launcher from Dreamlink that hooks up to your PC via USB cable. It comes with 3 foam missiles and software drivers for your Windows-based PC. Click here for purchase details. Batteries not required!

Ever thought of turning the staid working environment into a disco or an uptight colleague into John Travolta? Get the USB Disco Ball, also from Dreamlink. It will have him grooving to psychedelic tunes in no time. Click here for purchase details.

The next gift idea is pretty big with room for ONE can of beer. Yeah, it is a USB Mini Fridge. Plug in the mini fridge to your USB port and its cold plate will start chilling your drink, no other power source required! Click here for purchase details.

For other Gift Ideas for your fellow office workers, visit! Things to look out for: USB Stress Button, a Rolled-Up Piano and USB Cup Warmers!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Do I Want A Stuffed Polar Bear?

After playing the Golden Compass game on the Nintendo DS, I really would like to have a. A stuffed polar bear, b. Tickets to the movie! Why? Read on.

I have not read any of Philip Pullman's books, especially his best selling "His Dark Materials" trilogy of books. I only read about him in a Time magazine article just recently. A pretty controversial chap who penned an equally controversial trilogy of books, this just makes me want to watch the movie to see what is all the fuss about.

Now, going back to the game. The Nintendo DS version of the Golden Compass is a pseudo-3D platformer of sorts, and after playing 2 levels, the entire experience can be summed up as "boring". The protagonist, Lyra, yawns alot when being idle, a metaphor to what the player might be experiencing through a largely unassuming, uninspired game.

Even some parts of the levels seem to be rehashes, prompting the player to think, "Have I been here before?" or "Is this a loop?"

I can't help but feel disappointed for another poor movie tie-in of a game and the only things that can make up for this have been stated in the first paragraph. A. A stuffed polar bear, because the one in the game looked really fugly with washed out textures. B. Movie tickets to the Golden Compass!

Spiderman 3 Kubrick Figurines Out Now!

First there were the Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Kubricks and now, Play-Asia brings you the Spiderman 3 Kubrick figurines.

This set consists of Spiderman, Spiderman in Black, New Goblin (Harry Osborn), Venom and Sandman (Flint Marko).

This set is something Spiderman fans or Kubrick collectors cannot miss. Click here for purchase details at

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Rom Report Part VIII - Earthbound Zero Edition

For brand new The ROM Report articles, head over to

Welcome back to The Rom Report, currently in Issue Eight. Here's where you'll find what retro games from the NES, SNES, Genesis, and Gameboy eras will work on a modern day device such as the Nintendo DS with the help of homebrew emulator software!

I came across this back-issue of Retro Gamer at a local magazine shop and I bought it for just RM 10 (3 USD). It is a pretty good read, better than some of the retro games websites that I usually visit online.

As such, this issue of The ROM Report is inspired by that magazine issue which featured the NES on the cover. Later on, you'll find a substantial number of NES games featured on this edition of The Rom Report.

As usual, I'm using the R4DS Slot-1 solution to run a variety of emulators required to run all these retro games on the Nintendo DS. The emulators are:
  • SNEmulDS - For SNES Games
  • nesDS - For NES Games
  • Lameboy - For GameBoy Color Games
  • jEnesisDS - For Sega Genesis Games
For a full list of emulators, please refer to The Rom Report Part VI.

Before I get on with the results, I'll need to re-iterate that emulators are not perfect, therefore even if a game might seem to run excellently on an emulator, I'll say that the game "runs okay". On the other hand, "not okay" is a catch-all phrase for games that cannot run on the emulator or are unplayable due to major glitches.

With that out of the way, here are the games that I've tried out:
  • Adventures of Lolo (NES) - Runs OK. This is a puzzle game in the vein of Bomberman. You play as a rotund purple creature in a quest to rescue his princess (Lala). Curiously, Lolo and Lala appear as the bad guys in some Kirby games. Both games are developed by HAL Laboratory Inc.

  • Balloon Fight (NES) - Runs OK. For all you retro gamers out there, this is a classic on the NES, along with Excitebike and Ice Climber.

  • Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse - Runs OK. Looks prettier than Castlevania II but with graphical glitches on and off.

  • Crystalis (Gameboy Color) - Runs OK. SNKs Zelda killer does in fact play a bit like the Zelda of old, but in a sci-fi setting.

  • Crystalis (NES) - Runs OK. This is the same game which was ported to the Gameboy Color.

  • Dragon's Lair (SNES) - Runs OK. Another platform hack and slash and like Rastan Saga II, I really like the graphics.

  • Earthbound Zero (NES) - Not OK. This is a major disappointment as I couldn't get the Demiforce version of Earthbound Zero, which is the English version of Mother 1, to run on nesDS.

  • Frogger (SNES) - Runs OK. I'm actually pleasantly surprised at what pretty graphics the SNES is capable of, and Frogger is a good example. Played on a smaller screen like that of the DS serves to accentuate the graphics even more.

  • Ikari Warrios (NES) - Runs OK. SNK's offering on the NES feels like a pushover in the starting 30 seconds but quickly ramps up the difficulty. Apparently the game was inspired by Rambo.

  • Maniac Mansion (NES) - Runs OK. Lucasfilm Games' (now LucasArts) "point and click" adventure game was heavily censored when ported over to the NES to conform to Nintendo's policy. For a list of what was left-out, read the Expurgation of Maniac Mansion. As for the "point and click" part, you use the d-pad to move a cursor on the screen.

  • Popeye (NES) - Runs OK. An arcade conversion for the NES, it's pretty fun to play on the DS. I used to play this alot on the NES clone called Micro Genius.

  • Rastan Saga II (Genesis) - Runs OK. A platform hack and slash, I actually liked this game, with its colourful pallete and rather fun gameplay. Best played on jEnesisDS and not PicoDriveDS.

  • River City Ransom (NES) - Runs OK. A platform bash-em-up, I like the fact that you can throw weapons (chains, knuckle dusters) at opponents. The graphics remind of me of South Park.

  • Startropics (NES) - Runs OK. Nothing much on this as I'm still adverse to RPGs with really crappy graphics or boring premise.

  • Sweet Home (NES) - Runs OK. Feel's abit like Resident Evil with a haunted castle/mansion and a bunch of people looking for something.

  • Wrecking Crew (NES) - Not OK.
Some of these retro games are available for purchase in their original or updated forms.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Deep Red Sony Playstation Portable Slim & Lite out now!

The new Deep Red Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Slim & Lite is out now on Play-Asia. Now, this is a colour that I actually like, among all the new Slim & Lite PSPs.

The Value Pack contains the following:
  • Playstation Portable System (PSP-2000DR)
  • Battery Pack (1200 mAh)
  • AC Adapter (100-240V)
  • Strap
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Pouch
  • Memory Stick Duo (32 MB)
Interested? Click here for purchase details. There's also one version with a 1seg TV Tuner and 1 gigabyte Memory Stick, click here for further details, but at the moment this particular version out of stock. I guess Ebay or your local parallel importer will be a better choice in this case.

Don't forget to check out the Bargain Bin for low-priced PSP games.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Late Night Rhetoric

I drove back home from badminton last night, only to come right smack into a huge political rally at Jalan Kebun. It was pretty scary as the road was jammed with cars parks on the left and right, and drivers slowing down to get a look of who was speaking (I think it was Anwar, or maybe I heard wrong). All this was happening around 10.30 p.m.

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Gashapon Collection - With Pictures!

My "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Gashapon" figurines arrived a couple of days ago. I've got a couple of duplicates but anyways, here are some pictures!

Interested? Click here to purchase. To view more of my Gashapon (figurine) collection, click here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nintendo Games To Buy - Spectrobes Collector's Edition

Play-Asia has the new Spectrobes Collector's Edition which comes with all 38 Code Input Cards. Priced the same as the old Spectrobes, this IS a better buy, and it comes with free shipping as well.

Click here for purchase details at Play-Asia.

20th Metal Gear Anniversary Metal Gear Solid Kubricks Collectors Edition

Mr Postman dropped off some items yesterday in the mailbox, and threw in a parcel containing the 20th Metal Gear Anniversary Metal Gear Solid Collectors Edition Kubricks by Medicom!

So what did I get from the 5 MGS Kubricks that I ordered from Play-Asia? 2 X Solid Snakes, 2 X Raidens and 1 Naked Snake. Such is the fortune of people who purchase from Play-Asia, with its "ships randomly" disclaimer.

The funny thing was, out of the 5 Kubricks that I ordered, two had their boxes opened and the rest were sealed! That doesn't sound random at all.

Anyways, meet the gang:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kubricks, Be@rbricks Pave the Road to Christmas!

Pictures of my Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Kubricks will be up tonight (I promise), but in the mean time, Play-Asia has in stock the Happy Merry Xmas Be@rbrick 2007 Set. Consisting of two Be@rbricks in green and red, measuring approximately 75 mm in height, this set is available for USD 17.90 (contains one pair of Be@rbricks).

Click here for details and to not miss out on this limited edition set!

I Has Nuffnang Cheque, But It Is Wet!

No thanks to Mr. Postman yesterday who left a portion of the Nuffnang letter out of the mailbox and thus exposed to the elements. Pardon the lolcat-like language in the title.

In any case yesterday was also a milestone for my Advertlets account as it surpassed the big five-o. I'm not really happy as even though some of my best traffic occurred during the period I had Advertlets on, the earnings were..inconsistent. I would probably be switching back to Nuffnang once I cash out, but wait a minute, Advertlet's cashout minimum is RM 100? Bummer.

Nuffnang, you gotta wait awhile. I like those Guinness ads. Stout's my favourite, umm, beverage.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Drink Driving with Burnout Revenge - A PSA Thing.

I tried making an Amarula and milk concoction just the other day, and ended up mixing a large batch. So while intoxicated from drinking all that stuff, I decided to play Burnout: Revenge.

How is it playing a driving game like Burnout: Revenge drunk? While one of the strategies in a race is to pass as close as possible to on-coming traffic to gain boost, you'll start ramming them head-on and crashing your (virtual) car. You'll miss turns, get pwned and taken down by, in normal circumstances, not very smart opponent AI.

Now, the same thing happens when you are drink driving in real life. Your reflexes slow down and you might even fall asleep on the wheel. Yes, you might get pwned by oncoming traffic, or drive into a tree. All of which adds up to you putting your life, and the lives of pedestrians and motorists that you come across in your drunken state, in danger.

So don't drink and drive, don't even drink and play video games less you want to be pwned or be unable to top your previous highscore. This public service announcement is brought to you by Amarula (just kidding) and Nine Over Ten 9/10.

A whole slew of Burnout titles, ranging from Burnout 2 to Burnout Dominator and the upcoming Burnout Paradise (pre-order) is available at

Friday, December 07, 2007

Bargains and Deals for Nintendo DS and PSP Games

Are you in a holiday shopping mood yet? Well, I am. I found plenty of video game deals while scouring Play-Asia and you should too, who knows what you might dig up.

Anyways, Jam Sessions for the Nintendo DS is going for USD 14.90 on that site, which I promptly snapped up. Also, there's Metroid Pinball with that Rumble Pak going for USD 19.90. All of which come with free shipping from Play-Asia.

Fans of Japanese Nintendo DS games should have a fun time looking through the Bargains section of Play-Asia. Kaitou Wario the Seven, Star Fox DS, Magic Taizen, Nodame Cantabile, Heroes of Mana and many more are going for below USD 20, some even below USD 15.

PSP fans are not left out as well, with the Asian version of Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition being sold with more than a 50% discount to its normal selling price. Currently priced at just USD 14.90, it's time to grab it! Don't forget to check out the rest of the PSP bargain bin at Play-Asia.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Awards Ceremony - Scope International ICT Competition 2007

I just got back from the Awards Ceremony for the Scope International ICT Competition 2007. What did my team mate and I get?
First Prize, ICT Professionals Category :).

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tonight's The Night!

Tonight's the night. No, this blog hasn't gone from video games to Rod Stewart, but tonight IS the Award Ceremony of the Scope International ICT Competition 2007. I've got a new suit hanging in my closet and I bet that the rest of the Top 5 teams are as excited as me to know the results!

The ROM Report Part VII - The Excel Sheet Edition - Download It!

For brand new The ROM Report articles, head over to

As some of you might notice from my previous
The ROM Report installments, I experiment with quite a number of emulators (SNemulDS, jEnesisDS, Lameboy, StellaDS, MarcaDS) and also quite a number of old-school ROMs (71 of 'em) on my Nintendo DS. To keep track on what works, what doesn't and ultimately what have I tried out, I decided to create a spreadsheet in Excel.

As promised, here's the Excel sheet file, in PDF format uploaded to Rapidshare. Click here to download.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The ROM Report Part VII - The Excel Sheet Edition

For brand new The ROM Report articles, head over to

As some of you might notice from my previous The ROM Report installments, I experiment with quite a number of emulators (SNemulDS, jEnesisDS, Lameboy) and also quite a number of old-school ROMs on my Nintendo DS. To keep track on what works, what doesn't and ultimately what have I tried out, I decided to create a spreadsheet in Excel.

It's a relatively simple one and soon you, dear reader, will be able to download it.

Here's a screen capture of what's in store:

So stay tuned for more update with The Rom Report!

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Last Thing You Need To Lose Weight is a Wii Fit

The very thought of exercising in front of a television, doesn't really appeal to me, what more having a video game which specifically has the player involved in performing steps, yoga and even jogging in front of the TV!

Whatever happened to going outside, exercising and getting some sun? Is the Wii Fit the latest excuse to be spending more time in front of the television? Television has already been blamed for creating couch potatoes and being a contributor to obesity and all its no so nice "perks", like diabetes and hypertension.

Do you need to have more TV in the equation? Sure, some of you might say the success of a fitness program depends on the participant's discipline but hey, this is TV we are talking about. The temptation to kick back after 5 minutes to savour a pack of nachos with the latest episode of CSI would be greater than anything you would find in a park, or in a gym.

If you have problem in maintaining discipline in your exercise regime, a Wii Fit won't help. Get a gym partner or a sparring partner instead. Don't forget to watch the diet as well.

Will our kids be able to play catch with a football or a baseball, or have a backyard badminton match if we were to surrender play time and now exercise time to the television? This is a dangerous precadence as we can kiss our future generations of athletes goodbye.

The TV generation, as a close relative put it succintly, is a weak, pasty bunch with small limbs and poor immune systems, no doubt due to the lack of exercise AND parents' increased reliance on television as a nanny. The last thing this generation needs is more TV.

If you are a parent, don't get your kids a Wii Fit. Take you kids out to the park instead, get them running about, climbing through the jungle gym, play touch football (I'm sounding increasingly American), or even have a game of Frisbee. Set a good example as you don't want your kids to be obese and there's definately no benefit having them spend more time in front of a television.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Old and New Shmups with Gradius Vic Viper Model Kit and Gashapon!

I've been playing abit of Nanostray and Gradius III lately, just to get a feel of how different shmups (shoot' em up games) are, now and then. Having gone through like 30 minutes of each (most of the time spent replaying levels since I, technically, am bad at this sort of games), the thing you would notice is that how similar these games are.

It's a classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". With all its 3D sheen, Nanostray looks like it had Gradius as its template. Even the enemies felt similar.

With that said, I really liked the weapons system in Gradius III, which is editable, and I had an easier time playing Gradius than Nanostray.

You might be wondering how would I be playing Gradius III, given that I don't have a Nintendo Wii (Virtual Console) nor a penchant for PC based emulators. I'm using SNemulDS loaded onto my R4DS to play SNES games like Gradius III on my Nintendo DS.

On a side note, Nintendo should introduce a Virtual Console type of service with that DS Vision thing that they are introducing. Now that's what I would call value.

Back to the topic of shmups, rabid fanboys would want to sit up and notice this gashapon (capsule toy) collection this coming February 2008. Known as the Shooting Game Historica - Classic Fighting Planes Trading Figures collection from Yujin, it features planes from games such as Gradius V, R-Type Final, Darius and Gradius II! Click here for more details.

And before I forget, pre-orders are open for Gradius Vic Viper model kit. I would really love to have one of these:

Click here to pre-order one as well.