Sunday, December 02, 2007

Old and New Shmups with Gradius Vic Viper Model Kit and Gashapon!

I've been playing abit of Nanostray and Gradius III lately, just to get a feel of how different shmups (shoot' em up games) are, now and then. Having gone through like 30 minutes of each (most of the time spent replaying levels since I, technically, am bad at this sort of games), the thing you would notice is that how similar these games are.

It's a classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". With all its 3D sheen, Nanostray looks like it had Gradius as its template. Even the enemies felt similar.

With that said, I really liked the weapons system in Gradius III, which is editable, and I had an easier time playing Gradius than Nanostray.

You might be wondering how would I be playing Gradius III, given that I don't have a Nintendo Wii (Virtual Console) nor a penchant for PC based emulators. I'm using SNemulDS loaded onto my R4DS to play SNES games like Gradius III on my Nintendo DS.

On a side note, Nintendo should introduce a Virtual Console type of service with that DS Vision thing that they are introducing. Now that's what I would call value.

Back to the topic of shmups, rabid fanboys would want to sit up and notice this gashapon (capsule toy) collection this coming February 2008. Known as the Shooting Game Historica - Classic Fighting Planes Trading Figures collection from Yujin, it features planes from games such as Gradius V, R-Type Final, Darius and Gradius II! Click here for more details.

And before I forget, pre-orders are open for Gradius Vic Viper model kit. I would really love to have one of these:

Click here to pre-order one as well.