Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mappy..Not Ratatouille..Pegged!

If you had played games on the Micro Genius or any other Nintendo Famicom clones, chances are you have played Namco's Cat and Mouse game.. Mappy.

In that game, you control the main character, a police mouse who goes about retrieving stolen goods from a house filled with burglar cats. This was one of my favourite games back when I was a kid. I didn't own a Micro Genius, but I played everytime I got the opportunity at my cousin's place.

This game has now been immortalised in .S (DOTS) puzzle form and feeling abit nostalgic, I bought one box from Play-Asia (my purchase details and how I spent a USD 10 voucher here). Let's have the pictures do the talking.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that this .S puzzle came with two pegboards, and enough pegs to make two separate characters/items at the same time! Very good value for money, since this was selling for less than a single peg board .S puzzle (e.g. Bomberman).

We are talking lots and lots of pegs here, 520 pegs and two peg boards, Nintendo DS not included! This thing is sold out on Play-Asia, and there's no one selling this on Ebay. So... tough luck?

This is how it looks likes, once you are done pushing pegs into the peg board. I still have lots of leftover pegs from this set and my previous Bomberman and Zelda sets.. All I need is a spare peg board to make somemore 8-bit characters.

Meet the whole gang: Bomberman, Zelda, and the Mappy fellas.