Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Did I Spend My USD 10 Voucher at Play-Asia.

I don't usually like keychains, for they are bothersome and more often than not, difficult to put up for display, unlike figurines. But once in a while there would be an interesting trinket or two that would catch my eye and its not everyday that I get to spend a USD 10 voucher courtesy of my favourite online retailer on all things videogames and collectibles: Play-Asia.com.

Yesterday I ordered a Gameboy Advance SP keychain which has an accompanying cartridge (The Legend of Zelda). There are other GBA keychains as well, with different accompanying cartridges such as Ice Climber and Super Mario Bros. Click here for the entire list.

I've also ordered one of these Legend of Zelda Minish Cap Figure Gashapon keychains. I didn't order an entire set, the reason is already mentioned earlier in this post. Anyway, what would I do with an entire set of 7 keychains? One would suffice.. and besides, I only had USD 10 to spend.

And to top it off, I bought another Dot-S puzzle. This time it features that old Namco game, Mappy. It's gonna complement my existing Zelda and Bomberman Dot-s Puzzles. Click here for the entire list of Dot-S puzzles available on Play-Asia.

There you have it, my way of spending a 10 USD voucher and paying a little extra to cover up the difference. I didn't buy any video games this time, because I figure that I already have enough games to keep me occupied and I would certainly want to focus on other things... e.g. running.

Do note that each purchase from Play-Asia comes with a USD 5 discount voucher (well, most of the time), applicable for your next purchase over USD 50. Click on the links above if you are interested in any of the items I ordered, or head over to Play-Asia.com. I've also 3 USD 5 vouchers in hand, so do drop a line if you want one.