Friday, October 12, 2007

Advertlets Review: Round 2..Still Considered Broken

Josh Lim and Zaki of Advertlets took the time to comment on my review post on Advertlets but I still stand by my observation that the login functionality of is a broken one.

You can try out my previous scenario mentioned in my review post here, but now this is a brand new scenario, which I've mentioned in the comments section but am putting it up in a new post. Not too difficult to execute but definitely a curve ball for Advertlets' development and testing teams:
  1. User A logins successfully to Advertlets via
  2. User A closes his browser, in this case it's Firefox. Doesn't matter if you close all Firefox windows, just as long as you close the one showing Advertlets on it.
  3. User B goes to User A's computer, fires up Firefox and goes to, and keys in tom dick and harry user information e.g. wrong username and password.
Now.. guess what happens? Despite the wrong login info, User B will now be logged-in as User A in Advertlets.

I'm going to say the same thing as I've mentioned in the comments section of my earlier post. If Google Adsense was to display such tendencies... I would flip.

Do note that I don't have two Advertlets accounts, so I don't have the opportunity to test the scenario whereby User B enters valid User B information and logs in.