Thursday, May 15, 2008

The ROM Report IX: The Old and the New

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NES gamers would probably remember Taito's classic The Legend of Kage which was released in 1987 for the North American NES.

The game was a 2D platformer and even though I've played it as a kid, I remembered distinctively that the hero was a ninja that could jump really high, and one of the enemy types wore a hat and shot flames, and was a tough bastard at that.

Anyways, I got the game to run on the Nintendo DS with the help of the nesDS emulator. You might want to check that out, but before that here's a video of the game running on the DS.

Since the theme of this edition of The ROM Report is "the old and the new", lets talk about the sequel to The Legend of Kage. Yup, Kage Densetsu: The Legend of Kage 2 was released in early March 2008 for the Nintendo DS.

The graphics have become much prettier, and along with it, more forgiving gameplay and a rather nice soundtrack as well. The hero, Kage, can still jump really high and comes with a new special power that allows him to duplicate himself.

I'll let the movie do the talking:

Kage Densetsu: The Legend of Kage 2, is available at Play-Asia at a cheaper price than what other imported Japanese games are sold for. Click here for purchase details.