Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Night Owls

Some of you who read the newspaper article that had me on the cover of InTech would know that I work at UF. Late night software deployment and maintenance are part and parcel of my job since the project that I'm working on belongs to a local client.

Thanks to the Internet, deployment and maintenance work can take place from home and it does make the job a little bit easier. However, there are instances where work can drag on till 6 in the morning. So how do I keep awake while waiting for others to complete their tasks?

Caffeine is an option, but I tend not to drink coffee late at night. Video games are more viable as they keep me engaged, but there are some caveats. Games such as Digidrive cannot be played on easy mode since the slow gameplay (at that level) and the hypnotic movement of the pieces would put you to sleep.

Burnout or Mercenaries for the PS2 are better suited for keeping me awake since they are both noisy, fast, and action packed.

Reading is okay but the material should be engaging like the book I'm reading now, Freakanomics.

So, what do you do to keep awake at night?