Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh Nuffnang, Why Are Thou Found To Be Wanting?

I finally got to cash out from Nuffnang today as my earnings hit the big (actually the minimum) FIVE-O. This paltry sum is a culmination of 17 ad campaigns inthe period between the 25th of March 2007 to the 6th of October 2007, and it practically sucks.

The local ad provider with the tagline Asia's First Blog Advertising Community seems to run Cost Per Unique Visitor ad campaigns on member blogs on a weekly basis. However, gaps when there were no such ads do occur. There were no Cost Per Unique Visitor ads for the following periods:
  • 15th April 2007 to 21st April 2007 (1 Week)
  • 29th April 2007 to 12th May 2007 (2 Weeks)
  • 20th May 2007 to 2nd June 2007 (2 Weeks)
  • 15th July 2007 to 28th July 2007 (2 Weeks of CPC Ads!)
  • 29th July 2007 to 4th August 2007 (1 Week)
  • 5th August 2007 to 11th August 2007 (1 Week of CPC Ads!)
  • 19th August 2007 to 1st September 2007 (2 Weeks)
  • 16th September 2007 to 22nd September 2007 (1 Week)
A total of 16 weeks out of 28 weeks were with Cost Per Unique Visitor ads. If I were to calculate with an average ad earnings of RM 3 a week, 28 weeks would have brought me RM 84 ringgit instead of that sorry sum you see earlier in the post.

The method used here is abit unorthodox but surely you can see that despite the moniker "Asia's First Blog Advertising Community", there's a certain feeling that they lack advertisers and campaigns to go around. And I'm not talking about CPC ads.

Google Adsense has that covered in my case, I make more in a day then what Nuffnang makes for me (in terms of CPC ads) throughout the entire March-October period.

And as my fellow video game blogger in arms has mentioned, I definately make more in a month from my Play-Asia ads (around USD 50 to 60). I don't blog for monetary gain but at least that is helping fund the games, figurines and other video game related items you see on this blog and dear Nuffnang, you are no help at all.

So the question now is, do I go the way of Advertlets...or put up with both. I'm a one woman guy, but I don't think I want to pursue the same philosophy when it comes to local ad providers.