Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Of Camel Milk, Olive Flavoured Milk and Expensive Pastimes while Travelling

One of my favourite pasttimes whenever I'm overseas is buying groceries from the local supermarket or convenience store. There's just something about walking around aisles of goods, looking at what they have to offer and buying some items.

When I was in Bangkok last year, I had more than my fair share of Red Bull from the 7-11 nearby my hotel. Earlier this evening I went over to the nearby Pick n Save, opposite my hotel in Deira, Dubai to get my second bottle of camel milk, amongst other things.

I also bought a bottle of laban, yogurt in Arab (I think), and although it was unsweetened, I finished the entire bottle in one sitting. It was yummy indeed.

I had a little trouble looking for a regular (read:long) can of Original Flavour Pringles in a country obsessed with Salt and Vinegar potato chips so I got a can of "Light Aromas: Paprika with a touch of Olive extract" flavoured Pringles. The flavour seems to be the product of some mad food scientist's lab and if you don't like experimenting with different Pringles flavours, stay away from it

Then there's the other habit of buying expensive stuff and bringing them back to Malaysia, something that I picked up in last year's trip to Dubai. A friend of mine was asking about it (the habit) actually. I didn't answer that. Thinking back, the answer is not so much of "Because I can" but more of "Because it's Dubai, and I can"

I can hear that "Happy Mario!" Gameboy Micro calling my name from the Geekay shop at Deira City Centre. Not suprising, since the shopping centre is about a kilometre away. Altogether now, "Happy Mario!" GBM!