Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nintendo DS Games This October - What To Buy, Where to Get Them and Free Shipping!

Things are starting to get more interesting for Nintendo DS gamers as some of the more interesting games are released in this month of October.

First up we have The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (USD 39.90 @ Play-Asia), released earlier this month. This game, with the touch screen as its sole means of control, is bound to please both casual gamers and dedicated Zelda fans.

Also coming in this month is Bleach: The Blade of Fate (USD 34.90 @ Play-Asia). This SEGA release based on the popular anime Bleach, promises to be one of the better 2D brawlers on the Nintendo DS. Just be prepared for some sore thumbs.

Returning as more than a sequel to Touch Detective, is Touch Detective 2 1/2 (USD 34.90 @ Play-Asia). That's something you don't see everyday (the 2 1/2 moniker) but apparently the sequel's content justifies it being called a true sequel and then some.

Also returning is The Birdman himself, with Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds (USD 34.90 @ Play-Asia). I love the previous Tony Hawk game on the Nintendo DS as well as the latest one on the PS2 and if the two serve as an indication on what this latest one will be, this certainly will be a blast!

One of my personally anticipated titles would be World Soccer Winning Eleven DS: Goal X Goal! (USD 39.90 @ Play-Asia). I've had an overdose of the original Winning Eleven DS despite it being a Japanese game, and a bargain bin title, but this looks to take the cake as well. More gashapon machine spinning madness for better players!

Ever wonder what happens when you take one of those turn-based World War II PC games where you see nothing but a multicoloured map with lotsa unit names and stats, and put in on the Nintendo DS? Well, you'll get Panzer Tactics DS (USD 34.90 @ Play-Asia) I'm sure that this game will appeal to some of you out there.

These games should be available at Play-Asia, if not by the end of the month and do remember that Play-Asia has a free shipping option, something that I've always used. Expect a 5 to 7 day wait, depending on where you are.