Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I can has Xbox 360? - A Dollar Contribution

Just in case if you are wondering about the grammar, it's a homage to the lolcats. Anyways, my birthday is coming up (hehe) and since I'm lacking a wish list of sorts, I'm putting up a PayPal sign for anyone willing to contribute a dollar to my Xbox 360 fund.

If you do contribute, I'll put up your blog link in a massive list of links along with other bloggers who donate as well. I suppose the blog links will be located in this post. So lets get the ball rolling and thanks a bunch, in advance. Do leave a note on your blog address when you are contributing via PayPal.

The donation button is located on the left sidebar of this blog and yes, for regular readers, just in case you are wondering, I did remove the Nuffnang ad. Guess I had e-nuff of it.

List of donors to date:

  1. RichardAM, our very own long time commenter on this blog. Visit his blog at http://www.unsocial-commentary.net/
  2. Cincauhangus. Visit his blog at http://www.undebug.org
  3. Nick Leong. Visit his blogs at http://gamesforcheap.blogspot.com and http://allthingsnick.blogspot.com/