Thursday, October 04, 2007

First Anniversary

When I started off this blog exactly 1 year ago, I was toying with the idea of whether was it possible to write about the experience of becoming a gamer, supporting original games and at the same time earn some revenue to support the purchase of original games.

A year has passed and the idea, which became Nine Over Ten 9/10, turned out to be an outstanding success. I have my friends and my readers to thank for their immense support, you guys are such a great source of inspiration.

Here are the highlights of what has been a memorable first year:
  • I managed to increase my Nintendo DS games library from a measly 4 to a total of 29 titles. Out of the 29, 15 are brand new while the remaining 14 were second-hand purchases. Blog earnings help fund the purchase of most of the brand new titles and other stuff.
  • Bought a couple of GBA games too.
  • Started playing original PC games again after a long hiatus.
  • Amassed several full sets of gashapon, namely the Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing, Kaiyado Macross, Twillight Princess and Star Trek collections. Not forgetting my collection of .Dots push-peg puzzles.
  • I've now a complete set of Revoltech Transformers action figures.
  • Received not one, not two, but three official Nintendo merchandize t-shirts from the nice people at 80stees at no charge, for review purposes, and I was allowed to keep them. Go get their new G.I Joe t-shirts, available in various designs, now!
  • Won a prize in the All Malaysian Blogger Project's Skinwalker contest (here)
  • Received a request from an U.S based indie game developer for a game review (I'm still working on it)
  • Bought a Sega Dreamcast and played Crazy Taxi for the first time.
  • Got a couple of movie passes for that Rat movie, courtesy of Buena Vista and Nuffnang.
  • Somehow managed to convince two other people to get Nintendo DS Lites.
  • Bought a Sony Playstation Portable. Didn't like it. Good thing it was my brother's graduation present
  • Blogged about one of the owners of a popular video games store, calling him a squirrel. The other owner left a message in the old Cbox thanking me for the feedback.
  • Made some new friends, both local and overseas.
And some lows:
  • I have not bought an Xbox 360 (yet) or any other current generation consoles such as the PS3 or the Nintendo Wii.
  • I'm still using a Phat DS. Nintendo has already started calling the DS Lite, the DS.
  • My Sony Playstation 2 has been languishing from the lack of use.
There's always room for improvement. So come back for more games, figurines and a whole lot more of other stuff, and maybe a suprise or two.