Monday, October 01, 2007

Console Games Top 10 Shopping List

Last week I bought a couple of games, Worms Open Warfare 2 and Mother 3, from my favourite online retailer, Play-Asia. Lets see what other people bought last week in a top 10 list of sorts:

Sitting pretty on top of the list is Bioshock. I haven't got the opportunity to play it yet, for a lack of an Xbox 360 or a souped-up PC, but from what I hear... it's gold. My birthday is coming up, anyone willing to send an Xbox 360 my way? Mucho gracias!

On second place, there is the multi-function device known as the Dual Shooter (EMS USB2). It does several things such as allowing you to use your old Playstation gun controllers on your PS2, and to use your PS/PS2 controllers with your PC!

A guy asked me whether number 3, the Xbox Live 12-month Gold Card (Halo 3) was compatible with PAL consoles. Honestly man, I don't know but I've fired off an e-mail through Play-Asia's feedback page and we'll know soon enough!

Fourth place is the game where almost every Nintendo DS fan has been waiting to a. buy, or b. pirate: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Likewise with the first item on my list.. many thanks if anyone were to sponsor me this.

Halo 3: Collector's Edition is on fifth place, after the snafu earlier last week which saw PA sell Chinese-language only version of the games in place of the English version.Just in case you are wondering, they have corrected the problem (by mentioning it's CHINESE only) and this IS the English version on fifth place.

This was certainly embarrasing for me as well, as I was posting about the game and linking back to the CHINESE version..OMG. I did not correct the post as a reminder of this snafu.

Like the title in fifth place, alot of people are pre-ordering the NTSC U/C version of Halo 3, and I thought most popular games are region free.

More controller compatibility madness with number 7, the XFPS 360 Pro. It basically allows you to connect your PS2 controllers to the Xbox 360 and a whole lot more of other stuff.

Number 8 spot is occupied by an oddity of a Nintendo DS game. On the other hand, most NDS games are odd. Oshare Majo Love and Berry comes with some cards and a card reader and it's selling for a bargain bin price, which would explain its existence on the top 10 list.

Half Life 2: The Orange Box and the Liquid Crystal Filter for the PSP and PSP Slim round up the top 10 list.