Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How to get cheaper Xbox Live Gold Cards? Halo 3 Themed to Boot!

If you own an Xbox 360, chances are you have an Xbox Live account whether be it a Silver or Gold account.

Silver account holders can "download content, including dashboard themes, gamers pictures, game trailers/demonstrations, movies, game content such as new maps, weapons, levels, characters, challenges, expansions, arcade games and demos; connect with friends/players via voice chat, video chat, instant messenger and text message". (source: wikipedia)

All is nice and dandy but the real meat is in the Gold Account. A Gold Account "adds the ability (on top of the Silver ones) to play online with or against other Gold subscribers". (source: wikipedia)

Now, a Gold account isn't free, you'll need to pay for it. Hardcore gamers would go for the 12-month Gold Cards; Amazon sells these at a discounted price of USD 47.99 each. However, for those of you in Asia, free shipping is not an option for you, should you purchase them from Amazon.com.

So what is an Asian Xbox 360 owner to do? Play-Asia sells these cards at USD 49.90 each and unlike Amazon.com, they come with free shipping and have a HALO 3 theme to them, click here for further details. With a little bit of ingenuity, it's possible to get them at an even lower price.

Say what? You read that right. All you need is a valid Play-Asia coupon (USD 5 off for any purchase above USD 50) and a small item from Play-Asia's vast catalogue of stuff to bump the price of your shopping cart to slightly over USD 50. Some examples include small figurines or junk food like this pack of Magic POP Strawberry Crackling Candy (USD 0.49).

Using that pack of candy as an example, lets do some math:

Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Card (Halo 3) USD 49.90
+ Magic POP Strawbery Candy USD 0.49 = USD 50.39
- USD 5 Discount Voucher USD 5.00 = USD 45.39

You'll just need to pay a total amount of USD 45.39 with free shipping to boot! I've used this method several times to purchase figurines and games from Play-Asia as well. As for Vouchers, kindly leave a message in the comments section and I'll provide you with one Voucher code (I've 5 of them).

Click here to head over to Play-Asia.com.