Thursday, August 30, 2007

Starscream's Identity Crisis and ASOBLOCK.

Guess what happens when Starscream of Transformers fame watches too much Robotech/Macross? Well, a light bulb goes off in his head and he'll be kiasu to think that "Hey...whatever those Veritechs/Valkyries can do, I can do better, even that infernally hideous looking guardian/gerwalk mode!".

So here goes:

The shots are taken at my desk in my office. Yes, Starscream is permanently based there because project management simply demands long hours and posing the robot in funny ways is one way to mitigate stress and to think outside the box. I've got my own room, so I've got a free hand on putting whatever I want on my desk, or in my room for that matter.

What else do you see on my desk? From the pictures you can probably make out a stress ball (from Milo), Furuta's super small model of Star Trek's USS Excelsior, DVDs, papers, a calendar, Starscream's missiles (I do not load them into the robot, because simply turning the arms will cause them to launch) and something that you don't normally see, a box of ASOBLOCKS.

You've probably heard of LEGO and LASY building blocks, both are from Europe and are pretty cool on their own right. But there's a new building block in town, the Made-in-Japan ASOBLOCK. A proper description would be: "Lego/Lasy on steroids".

I haven't got about making anything out of the blocks yet due to a lack of time but this Merdeka weekend promises some really crazy things.