Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pre Race Day

Unlike previous runs, I'll be sporting something extra for the Adidas King of the Road run that will allow me to run without hindrance. It's an arm wallet from Reebok; the thing that you strap around your arm and you put stuff inside.

Basically it allows me to put my W700i Walkman Phone, car keys, identification card, some cash and with somemore space to spare. I would probably try to squeeze in a PowerBar Gel later. More importantly, it will allow me to run without my wallet, handphone or keys interfering with my stride. Nice eh? I wonder why I have not thought about it for the past three runs.

On another note, I think that the running vest given out by the organizers, although better in quality compared to say..the KL International Marathon, looks abit apek-ish (think singlet). As with the Siemens Run, I'll be running with my own shirt.