Friday, August 24, 2007

Political Correctness and the Subang Jaya 10KM Run

In this age of political correctness, I didn't expect the organisers of the Subang Jaya 10KM Run 2007 to pack a bottle of "Biocare Multi-Purpose Cleaner" for each female participant's goodies bag.

But I shouldn't be so surprised; afterall we are living in a country with an affirmative action policy that favours a certain ethnic group instead of benefitting disadvantaged people from across the entire ethnic spectrum. Yes, political correctness doesn't apply here in my beloved country which coincidently is celebrating its 50th anniversary of its independence.

Nevertheless, Singapore-born me will gladly take up the Malaysian flag and recite the Rukun Negara because despite an artificially propped-up playing field, we are toughened by adversity. That's the Malaysia we should strive to be in...with a back bone and not with a crutch. Aye?

Back to all matters tarmac and running. Several weeks ago, I submitted 6 names to the Subang Jaya 10KM run. 3 of them are my colleagues, one a friend of a friend, another is a regular running partner of mine and then there's yours truly.

So imagine the weight of the goodies bags I've to collect today including the one which had a bottle of cleaning solution inside. Each bag consists two cans of Sting energy drink (whoever thought of the name should at least be sack, the word is normally associated with scorpions and snakes..), one can of herbal tea, some Fisherman Friend sweets, biscuits, chocolates, pamphlets, California Fitness pass, T-shirt, vouchers for Gardenia and spectacle lenses.. quite worth the RM 10 entry fee eh?

And the ladies get a bottle of cleaning solution! To The Star newspaper, and other event organisers, for the sake of political correctness... I want a bottle too. KTHXBAI