Friday, August 17, 2007

Head Count!

I hit a milestone recently, having expanded my library of original Nintendo DS to a whooping 26 titles. Some of them are really nice games to play, some are perfect time wasters and some are utter disappointments. The following is the entire list, and how I came about to obtaining each title.
  1. Animal Crossing: Wild World. This game was officially bundled with my Nintendo DS when I bought the DS in Dubai.

  2. Super Mario 64 DS. This was my second game, and my first secondhand game.

  3. Mario Kart DS. I paid a premium for this secondhand game (RM 100), but it was worth every cent.

  4. Metroid Prime Pinball. The one and only game purchased from the Nintendo counter at Jusco Midvalley.

  5. Brain Age: Bought this at Sonig video games shop at Midvalley at the insistence of my mum. Turned out to be quite enjoyable.

  6. Electroplankton: Probably one of the most expensive games in my collection, having bought it at Play-Asia, this one should be every music loving DS fan. More music and art than game.

  7. Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam: Got this third hand from a friend. A bit expensive though for some SSX-experience on the DS.

  8. Metroid Prime Hunters: This came all the way from it's original owner in Sarawak. Second hand title.

  9. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time: Second title purchased from Sonig Midvalley, and yes, premium pricing as well.

  10. Advance Wars: Dual Strke: Got this from the owner of MPH (see 8.) when he came down to KL.

  11. Winning Eleven DS: Brand new title with a super low price due to some crazy fire sale at Play-Asia. Great value for money.

  12. New Super Mario Bros: Got this for Christmas courtesy of mum who bought it from Sonig Midvalley.

  13. Kanji Sononama: Rakubiki Jiten: Not a game, but a DS title nevertheless. Bought this Jap-English dictionary from Play-Asia.

  14. Atarimix: Happy 10 Games: The first compilation of arcade hits that I bought, and it was during a cheap sale at Play-Asia.

  15. Worms: Open Warfare: Bought this secondhand... didn't like it very much.

  16. Club House Games: Not bad for a secondhand time-waster.

  17. Custom Robo Arena: This second hand title was put into cold storage after the first few tries.

  18. Final Fantasy III: Bidded for this second hand title and won it on a local auction site.

  19. Nintendogs: Bought this second hand just for the fun of it.

  20. Ouendan: Got this from the seller who sold Nintendogs to me.

  21. Yu-Gi-Oh: World Championship 2007 - Bought this new from Play-Asia, and it didn't disappoint.

  22. Konami Classic Series Arcade Hits: Couldn't get enough of arcade compilations, so bought this from Play-Asia.

  23. Planet Puzzle League: My first Nintendo DS puzzle game and worth every cent it was purchased from Play-Asia.

  24. Magic Taizen: This came with a deck of cards, and had a super-low price tag during Play-Asia's sale.

  25. Picross DS: The second game in my collection under the puzzle genre, and like Planet Puzzle League, it was purchased from online retailer Play-Asia.

  26. Elite Beat Agents: The latest edition to my games library, purchased from the previous owner of Club House Games and Custom Robo Arena.
Online retailer Play-Asia has played a big part in the extension of my games library, mostly due to their sales, weekly discounts and their bargain bin titles. Also, a number of my titles are second hand ones, although I do wish that the secondhand market in Malaysia is a little bigger. Too many people are going the way of the flash cart rather than to fuel a second hand market.