Thursday, August 02, 2007

Can I Have Seconds?

The one game that would sure make people say "Oi! Pass that Nintendo DS (or Gameboy Advance/Micro) to me. I want to play!!" is here. It's WarioWare Twisted. I blogged about this previously and now having received my copy from Play-Asia and went through abit of the game, it is certainly FUN.

Utilising a gyroscope/motion sensor/RUMBLE PAK built into the game cartridge itself, the game will detect the tilting motions done onto the console, which are essential to play some 200 over mini-games. Some of these games are over in like 5 seconds while some require a bit more attention for a longer duration of time.

Anyways, check out the videos in my previous post on WarioWare Twisted (and don't ask me about the people in there... I don't know them...that well..and I'm not in the video either), click here. WarioWare Twisted is available at Play-Asia.