Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adidas King of the Road - I conquered NPE...well..a part of it.

1 hour, 6 minutes and 41 seconds. That's my time for the Adidas King of the Road 10 KM run. Much better compared to the 1 hour 15 minutes disappointment for the Siemens Run. However, even though I'm suprised at the good pace during the first 5 km, I can't help but feel disappointed that my left knee acted up in a big way in the 2nd half.

I had to run conservatively in the 2nd half since the pain was pretty intense during the uphill and downhill sections of the course. The ligaments probably contracted or something and that really sucks.

The finishing line area is a really cramped place, and with all the construction work going on in front of Pyramid, not a nice place to be either. The course itself was rather smelly, with the tyre factory and the sewage treatment plant on both sides of the road. I drive on this highway occasionally and the smell can seep into the car, so imagine running on it.

Even so, I had fun with the run (
especially with the time improvement) and despite running without companions, I managed to chit chat with some folk during the run. So how was your Adidas King of the Road experience?