Saturday, June 30, 2007

Site is Up, But Still Good For Some Laughs

While I doubt that the guys behind Nuffnang would kick a competitor (Adverlets) when the competitor is temporary down and out for the count, I certainly can't help but blog about it after being informed by Aaron ( via MSN.

A: *Sends file (screenshot of adverlets site down, with quite an embarassing error message)
A: Open and see
J: Oh *censored*
J: It's still suspended!!!
A: hahaha
J: wats wrong with them wor?
A: duno
J: hahaha
A: hahahahahahaa
J: ahahahha
J: eh
J: look at that adverlets poll on your blog
A: wat poll wor
A: lol
J: that... is a good one

Anyways, the site is up again. Plenty fast, I must say. But there's a minor problem re-occuring though. Read my archived post about it. It's just about the same thing.