Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey Advertlets!..By the way it's comparison, not comparision!

I specifically remember that Advertlets did some changes to their homepage and changed the comparison chart to that of a competitive comparison "report". I checked the site earlier, and the "comparision" chart link is back on the front page, note spelling error, but the actual comparison chart page is gone, resulting in a 404 error.

While looking at the following pretty pictures, read about my blog entry on that infamous comparison chart, here.

Ok, so the link is back, but do take note of the spelling error. Comparision, instead of comparison, just in case you didn't notice.

But clicking on it will lead you to an error page....

But if you miss the competitive comparison "report", and you absolutely must read it, don't worry. Click on the nice looking Benefits tab.

And on the left, you'll see the link. Click it and ta-da!

*Note to Advertlets, do fix it.

*Note to Nuffnang, despite this act of altruism, this site is still Nuffnang exclusive, when it comes to local ads.