Thursday, June 07, 2007

Notes From a Field Commander - Part 2

" I've been down this road, with no end-sight, and it's painted with mines.
And I've been shot at all the time, coz my tank's so big, I can't hide...
I've been searching for NOD tonight....wanting to blow up their hides sky high, Now that I know that the end is nigh, I might not get to go home tonight "

Hearing them Tank Commanders sing to the tune of that 20th century whats-her-name's song (the one who sang for that skinny feee-male lawyer series, I prefer mah woman with some ass and *censored, *censored, *censored), almost made this hard-as-nail Gee-Dee-Eye Field Commander attempt to shed a tear.

Anyways, while my troops began their 20 day journey to the southeast enemy base, a whole bunch of enemy combatants decided to do an Al-Qaeda on mah base, jumping my boys on the back, of all places! Those sneaky bastards. I'm darn sure that my predecessor, the most famous Texan of them all, Dubya, would be proud of me having fend off wave after wave of Guantanamo candidates, with only the lost of several support structures.

Ah know he's watching up there along with Grandpa. *sniffs.

*Field Commander's Log. Supplemental: I wonder whether I can requisition some of them Scrin motherships, is that what they are called? Those are the largest things I've seen all my life, outside of a Texan BBQ cookout....mmmm....barbeque....*drools....

Back at the southeast enemy base, them Nod boys (damn them all) were giving mah Mammoths some Chi-nese accupunture treatment but I doubt those troopers of theirs can do any harm with their toy guns. Can you smell the freshly brewed destruction courtesy of mah newly minted rail guns, Kane?

That's cold hard Gee-Dee-Eye currency at work, think about it before you decide to show up the front door, or back door, or whatever that is that swings yer baldie-headed way.

The thing about allies is this, they are unpredictable. That's why I had a complement of Mammoths facing his base. But aside from that, I was building my Ion Cannon uplink thingamajig when he decided to let loose his fancy Black Hole (I'm a quaking in my boots, and that sounds really wrong) on the northern enemy base.

Them fools didn't stand a chance but not wanting to miss out on the action, I decided to call in some of mah crack troops to join in the mop-up. What's the next best thing to shooting at troops and vehicles? Trashing power plants....with just guns. Just so you know, we Americans are good with guns, thanks to the lack of, what's that the NRA says is taboo..oh yes, gun control, we got the guns to shoot anything and everything. Boooyahh!

It was pretty much cigar-chomping/legs on top of the table/bring out the beer (but please, no pretzels) kind of time as mah ally proceeded to sweep the floor off the last enemy base. Now, don't go calling me a-lazy, not with those fancy ships of his.

Note to self, I want one, or two dozen of them ships parked by 0800 tomorrow outside my garage. Mammoths and big-fat flying U-EFF-OHHHs that launch smaller U-EFF-OHHHs.... UNSTOPPABLE!

Now, who's up for a race across that Tiberium field over there? Last one to the finish line is a dirty smelly, good-fer-nthing hog.

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