Monday, June 04, 2007

Notes From A Field Commander, Part One

The night started out pretty simple. I got enemy bases northwest, north, northeast and southeast points of the map. Mah ally was a few clicks east of my base. Mine was conveniently located on the southwest point, his was on the east point. It was all good business having him as a buffer, isn't that why we have allies for in the first place?

The thing about us Gee-Dee-Eye folk, we are pretty straightforward. Got the refinery running and that big fat jallopy known as a harvester was cutting up those green kryptonite (I'm sorry, that's Tiberium) off the patch. Ma always said that power is an important thing to us, without that, we wouldn't have light bulbs to study at night, when I was a wee kid. Us field commanders had to start out somewhere, we weren't born that way ya know? So up went a Power Plant.

Well, base expansion happened very fast. I sent a bunch of my tanks with some of me riflemen up the road escorting a surveyor, apparently there was patch of purpal Tiberium up there. Jackpot! I had a forward outpost along with some of my turrets deployed before ya could say Bonanza!

My esteemed ally decided to strike the nearest enemy base (attaboy!), and decided that I should provide cover for him. Poor boy had the beacon placed wrongly. Mah tanks were where as you said you wanted them to be boy. The tank commander did tell me fighting was taking place a few meters down the road, but I told him to stay put, just incase someone else decided to bushwhack you, or me.

Now, aside from that altruistic (some say it's atrocious, but I'm betting it's a typo since I don't think that word exists) act, I finally got my show running with my Mammoth Tanks along with their shiny new Rail Guns. Now, I swear that I can hear them tank commanders muttering "Are we there yet?" all the time, those tanks are just so slow. Them tech boys should give them tanks a V16 or a V24 in those engine bays. After all, no ad-jective describes the GDI better than fuel-guzzler, and we got the moo-lah for crying out loud!