Saturday, February 10, 2007

Winning Eleven - When a Spade is not quite a Spade

Konami has released the English version of Winning Eleven DS in the form of Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 for the US market and Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for the European market. Essentially, all three are the same game, the only differences are superficial ones such as language, font size and header screens.

However, dig deeper and you'll find something utterly disappointing in the implementation of all three releases in terms of Nintendo WFC online play. If you bought Winning Eleven DS for cheap at Play-Asia with hopes of getting into matches with European gamers owning Pro Evolution Soccer 6, you can forget about it.

Owners of the European version of the game will not be to play with both Winning Eleven DS and PES 2007 owners despite the fact that these practically the same game. The three versions are WFC "region-locked" and in my opinion is a mistake on the part of the developers as there will be no such thing as "world-wide" WFC matches.

I guess that buying the European version of the game is the way to go. I wonder who wants to play with Americans with their US version of Winning Eleven, knowing that their idea of football is running around CARRYING a ball while wearing body armour. Body armour is for wimps, try playing rugby sometime.