Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sun, Sea, Sand and Jelly Fish

When I was in Dubai, I had the opportunity of seeing how jelly fish infested water looked like. The river separating Bur Dubai and Deira was filled with those beautiful but painful (if you touch their tails) creatures of various sizes, and most of them being pink in colour. I took a boat ride across the river to get to the Gold Souk and I remember loathing the thoughts of the boat sinking or being thrown overboard because it would meant swimming in that water.

I had the good fortune of witnessing jelly fish infestation again, but this time in a local beach. Unlike Dubai, the jelly fish that I saw measured around 30 to 40 cm in diameter!. Some of these huge creatures were beached and some were floating near the shore. The bulbous dome kinda reminded me of a Metroid; probably the game developers were inspired by jelly fish. One interesting note, I've been to this beach so many times in my life but I've only seen small jelly fish until yesterday.

I don't subscribe to the stereotype that all video gamers tend to be cooped up in their rooms but I do know some of people are that way (hence fueling the stereotype); so may I suggest a trip to the beach? Beaches aren't just about coconuts, coral and sea shells (ala Animal Crossing), go get some sun, meet new people, get some REAL sand in between your toes and get fascinate (and not stung) by jelly fish. If you can afford it, go wind surfing or jet-skiing.