Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's TheTime Of The Season

It's the time of the season, where you know, video games site come up with year-end reviews and the ubiquitous and prerequisitie fixture of the season: Game of the Year lists.

I opt for a mixture of both. I spent the better part of the year building up my collection of Nintendo DS and GBA games. I forgot how many titles I bought this year, brand new or second hand, but at current count I have 30 original Nintendo DS titles, and 2 GBA games.

So if you were to ask me what was the best game so far I've played this year, out of the more recent bunch I bought (The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Picross DS, Worms Open Warfare 2 and Final Fantasy III), I would say it would be Planet Puzzle League. Surprised? Don't be. It's just a totally psychedelic experience.

Anyways, the best 2nd hand game I got would be Clubhouse Games, and in contrast, the most useless piece of crap bought secondhand title goes to Custom Robo Arena. Last year's recepient was Worms: Open Warfare.

Since the middle of the year, I've been dabbling with the R4DS, a slot-1 cartridge for the Nintendo DS that allows the user to play videos, MP3s, homebrew software and pirated Nintendo DS ROMs, something it was particularly notorious for.

I ended up writting guides to running homebrew on the DS and a particularly popular one is a guide to using Moonshell.

There is also The ROM Report series. I wouldn't call The ROM Report series popular, but after playing a whole lot of retro games on the DS courtesy of emulators, it would be "informative" to write about the whole experience..and there are readers too :).

Best retro game I've played so far? SNES fans would be no stranger to this particular shmup, Gradius III.

This is also the year that I've bought alot of figurines. Most of them are video games related. To check out my collection, click here.

So did I achieve the goals that I set out for earlier this year with this blog? I would be lying if I were to say yes. I didn't touch on XNA and was too busy to even try my hand at even developing one game. Nor did I get an Xbox 360, the 3ROD being a major stumbling block.

Anyways, this blog will continue to provide reviews, guides, features, commentaries, first-looks and of course highlights of deals and bargain bin stuff, so stay tuned with Nine Over Ten 9/10.