Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Xbox 360, Now at a Courts Mammoth (Malaysia) Store Near You?

So is the Xbox 360 finally coming to Malaysia "officially"? Judging by the posts in the forum (here) and this blog, this might be the big break some, if not most Malaysian Xbox 360 would-be-owners are waiting for.

Here are some details:

"If you guys really want to get the X360. Go and buy it from Courts Mammoth. They give 3 yrs warranty as they take all the stocks directly from Singapore. If anytime the 3ROD hit you guys, just send it back to them without paying any shipping charges that normally other game shops ask.

No other game shops in Malaysia can give 3 yrs warranty except Courts Mammoth. Furthermore can pay installment. I can confirm this as one of their employee who bought one told me about this when he came to my hse to mod his X360.

FYI : Price for X360 selling at Courts Mammoth, Premium Pack = RM1400 and Holiday Pack = RM1700." (Original forum thread here.)

But of course, like all things Malaysia, there's a catch..or two. A picture* from this blog shows that at least one of the units is a refurbished unit. But hey, if you were to buy it and it does goes down to the dreaded 3ROD and the warranty mentioned above applies, you are pretty much safe, I guess. *Picture credits solely go to pay4lei.

The guys at Gamers Hideout are probably doing a good job in providing Xbox 360 sales and service/warranty claims, my initial impressions of them non-withstanding. But you'll have to pay them some money in order for them to be able to claim warranty for your Xbox 360 with Microsoft Singapore.

The Courts Mammoth offer, if it does check out, looks to be a very tempting one. Is this the "official" Microsoft foothold that everyone has been waiting for? I never thought any Microsoft foothold will be this welcomed. :)