Monday, September 24, 2007

Time to Finish the Fight

It's just one more day to Halo 3's release, and Xbox 360 owners would be raring to "Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war". But if you're an owner of the much maligned (3ROD) but still popular console and have not pre-ordered the game, that wouldn't do at all.

Play-Asia is selling the game for USD 49.90 and if you were to order it along with the Fedex/UPS shipping option, you should be able to have it a day or two (or three) after launch. There's also the USD 59.90 Limited Edition which includes amongst other things a steel case, a hardcover guide to the game's species, civilizations and cultures, etc etc.

But if you are in no hurry, there's always the free shipping option and you should be able to receive your game in a week or two. Either way you can put the Play-Asia discount coupons to good use and still have several of them. Fanboys should also look into owning one of these Master Chief ArtFX figurines.

Did I mention that there are also guidebooks, Xbox 360 controllers, headsets...all of them Halo 3-themed. Click here to view an entire list of Halo 3 products on Play-Asia.