Monday, September 10, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run 2007 - Thoughts

Yesterday while at the Mizuno Wave Run 2007, some things crossed my mind while running:

  • I asked myself whether I was in the right run, as all the other participants seem to be very good runners. Only a handful slowed down and walk at any point during the first half of the run. Pacesetter shirts EVERYWHERE.
  • The first half of the race was easy though.
  • Did they just give us 100 Plus Power at the water station? If so... it tasted really really good.
  • Green Apple flavoured PowerBar Gel is actually quite nice.
  • The guy starting next to me was wearing a pair of Adidas Uruhas, the ones I used to wear.
  • Red shoes definately get attention when running
  • Running in lycra does looking uncomfortable.
  • Not that many ang-mohs running this race.
  • Bukit Tunku is not freehold land (heard from a friend), wonder what will happen to all these nice houses when the leases expire?
  • Tugu Negara is a very creepy place to drive pass early in the morning, a little less so when we were running pass it. And it's not even a mausoleum.
Post Race:
  • My colleagues really should learn how to socialize a little. Don't la act so blur sotong if a stranger talks to you.
  • Runners are friendly and are quite chatty. It's nice talking about the race.
  • I don't like Gatorade, and they were serving more of that nice drink I had during the run, at the other tent.
  • The Milo guy should get an assistant.
  • People should really check their goodie bags before throwing them away, they contain your finisher medal! Seen a girl rummaging a garbage bin (or box..hehe) for her goodie bag.
  • Veteran runners give good advice and live interesting lives. One is running his next race in Thailand! He added: "You can run anywhere, anytime.. all you need is a good pair of running shoes". Yup!
  • More toilets (port-a-loos) please!
I had a blast, and a time of 1 hour 8 minutes 49 seconds with a 767 placing. For more of my experience during the run, head to my previous post here.