Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run 2007 - Pre Race And Other Shenanigans

Thanks to a friend of mine, I managed to get in a late entry for the Mizuno Wave Run 2007 and practically got my t-shirt and number a week early! But due to his forgetfulness, I only got the items from him yesterday. But at least I don't need to spend my Saturday morning making my way to the Padang to collect my stuff.

The t-shirt is abit heavy, despite how light it looks. I will stick to my Adidas t-shirt, like I always have. And I don't know why my running numbers have an affinity for the number 4 in my recent runs. Lucky number eh?

So see you guys Sunday morning at Padang Merbuk. I'll need to stock up on my PowerBar Gel. I'm pratically addicted to that Tangerine flavoured, 2X caffeine stuff.

And hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow, otherwise it would be muddy shenanigans not unlike the Malay Mail Big Walk. And speaking of shenanigans, these two are totally up to no good: