Saturday, September 29, 2007

For The Greater Good

A laser beam blast comes from the very edge of the screen, a direct hit to my squad of Space Marines. How did they manage to spot us?

We pressed on, lifting the fog on war on those cowardly cybernetic constructs known as the Tau. As soon as we had sights on them, several assault terminators were dropped in to give them some melee love.

Meanwhile, my squads of Space Marines were decimated and replenishing troops and weapons seemed even slower now in the heat of battle. Suddenly there were more laser blasts, there were more of these jokers coming in from the edge of the screen!

Too many of forces are overwhelmed, and even the introduction of several Dreadnoughts merely served as target practice for the long-ranged Tau. Cowards! Come on down where I can at least see and reach you with my bolt guns!


Warhammer 40,000: Dark Crusade is pretty fun to play but not until I met the Tau. A friend of mine practically is in love with that faction, but as soon as he started playing as the Space Marines, he ran into more that just a small problem. The Tau thwarted/blunted/decimated his attempt at conquering Kronus for the second time.

In summary, they broke him. So much for calling them the cool Robotech faction... I call them the cheater-bots.

But in case you guys are raring for more Warhammer 40k action (I know I'll complete DC one of these days), bring on the Soulstorm standalone expansion set coming in 2008! Among the details that you'll want to know are "two new factions" (yay!) and an INTERPLANETRY CAMPAIGN spanning an entire STAR SYSTEM!

Woohoo! For the greater good indeed! Read it here.