Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finally, You Get Worms...Online

I had a taste of Worms: Open Warfare 2's Nintendo WFC multiplayer action earlier tonight, and it was a blast! The number of gameplay options and online leaderboards certainly make the game a must have. I absolutely do not have regrets purchasing this game from Play-Asia, but I can't say the same for Mother 3 (this is best left for another day).

Gameplay over the Internet is smooth, with hardly any lag and the quality of players online is really good. I probably would do myself a favour by practising more in the single player modes.

It is best to choose a intermediate weapons payload in a multiplayer game as some of the weapons available in the full mode can be potential game-breakers, especially the Donkey. It's fun stamping on opposing worms but once it becomes the weapon of choice between two combatants, it's definately a kill-joy.

Anyone looking for a Friend Code match? Do add my friend code to your Friends list in Worms Open Warfare 2. Looking forward to some warm worm war action online :P.