Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did Someone Turn Off a Nuffnang? - Updated

I like receiving those Nuffnang e-mails with the subject line "Incoming Advertisement on your blog!". They came frequently when things just started, but of late, they kind of dried a trickle.

All I have now is a little blue guy on my navigation bar stating "I serve Nuffnang ads". *_*" But at least it looks better than some of the weird CPC ads that Nuffnang had in place when there were no ad campaigns going on.

Curious, I decided to find out what ad campaigns some popular Nuffnang affiliated Malaysian (and Singaporean) blogs are serving. First up, Kenny Sia's. This guy has a double combo of Hitz.FM and Chipster. Nice.

A visit to ShaolinTiger's site revealed that there were no Nuffnang ad campaigns running and there's that familiar little blue guy stating that he "serves Nuffnang ads". I'm starting to think whether the little blue fella deserves the title of "Sponsor". seems to have better luck, with a Chipster campaign running. Kyspeaks' blog roll reads like a who's who of Malaysian blog-o-sphere (sans the political ones), so it was a click fest from there onwards, just to see who else was running Nuffnang ad campaigns.

There seems to be no escape from the lil blue guy and I got bored of listing sites. Want to play a game of guess the blogs? Click for a bigger picture.

Should I offer up my first Nuffnang pay-cheque to the first person (Malaysian of course) to guess all blogs in the picture above correctly (and in the correct sequence)? They say I've RM...wait a minute...RM 50.00 more before I get paid? Hey! I have earned RM 41.23 already laaa....