Saturday, September 01, 2007

Definately On My Watch...or Watches...LOL

What happens when a watch maker, known for making an iconic brand of watch associated with toughness, teams up with the owners of iconic comic characters and cartoons that have helped shaped popular culture as we know it?

You'll get limited edition G-Shock watches.

Casio has just released two limited edition G-Shock watches, G-Shock Watch Batman and G-Shock Watch Superman X. Besides the normal functionally associated with G-Shock watches (shock-proof, stopwatch function, waterproof), the backlights come with unique logos and there's engraving on the back of the watches as well.

And also, only 1000 units are produced for each of these watches.

This September will also see G-Shock Transformers watches hitting the streets. Like the watches mentioned earlier, the G-Shock Transformers - Cybertron Convoy Model and the G-Shock Transformers - Destron Megatron Model not only come with normal G-Shock functionality but also the Transformers logo in the backlight and engraving on the back of the watches as well.

Only 1000 of these limited edition watches will be available worldwide.

I'm currently own a very old G-lide DW-004, in a Gold/Gray colour scheme. Normally known as the surfer's watch, this made in Japan watch has been with me for around 8 years and has gone through quite a lot of abuse, testament to its G-shock name.

I've always thought that there is no point buying a G-Shock watch if the buyer just wants to keep it in pristine condition. These watches are made to withstand abuse (I can't say the same for the latest models though..) and keeping them in a case is probably the worse kind of insult I can think of.

Anyways, the velcro bands are a particular piece of work. Comfortable as they are, they are hardy and proved quite immune to the elements (rain or shine I did every sporting activity with this watch) and even if the bands smell now like assam (tamarind), they work just fine.

I had the battery changed recently but the LCD was already in poor condition. I can still tell the time but the digits are shown in shades of grey and not the usual black.

Some of you might know that because of this, I've bought a new watch. This new one is something simpler and smaller but no less useful as the G-Shock. Say hi to my new Timex Ironman 30.