Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Confessions of a Scrabble Hustler

For three years Scrabble used to feature prominently in my extended family's Chinese New Year gatherings, alongside mainstays such as Rummy and Mahjong. And being Chinese, we even found a way to gamble with Scrabble (losers pay up to a Ringgit for every point advantage the winner has over them).

I have a 100% win record for the 3 years and brought to the board a 300 point average per game (something like that). It wasn't until this year that my relatives wised up and switch to another board game which featured luck more than anything else, Monopoly.

We kept things clean this time, playing with real money would have disastrous consequences... I have better ways of spending my ang pau (red packet) money.

In anycase, I miss playing Scrabble. None of my friends play the game and I lacked a sparring partner. That was until I found Scrabble 2007 New Edition for the Nintendo DS. This recently released in Europe game, provides quite a challenge for any Scrabble player out there.

I find myself scrapping through the National level tournament, but the A.I is not unwinnable. I'm currently looking for this game in stores, as it is not available at the usually reliable Play-Asia. Anyone?