Monday, June 04, 2007

Tiberium Wars Observations

Tiberium Wars does not run as fast as I would like it to be, but maybe this is the effect of playing a multi-player match. Speaking of the multi-player game, it was a mixed bag.

Having teamed up with Aaron, we took down several enemy AI bases in about 20 minutes. Some observations:
  • Enemy AI on Easy tend to spam with a lot of troops, and some basic vehicle types, and they spam frequently too. Like mosquitos in a rainforest jungle.
  • It took quite awhile before I got to build Mammoth Tanks with the accompanying Rail Gun upgrade.
  • The build tabs are there but I prefer the old two column representation of what can be built, ala Red Alert 2.
  • Mammoth Tanks seem slower than usual. EA should change the unit acknowledgement to: "Are we there yet?"
  • Despite their apparent lack of speed, Mammoth Tanks are my new best friends. Mmmm...firepower.
  • The Scrin's big flying unit looks really bad-ass, same goes for the superweapon.
  • I like dropping troops behind enemy lines.
  • Troops are like cannon fodder.
  • Silos should come with bigger capacities. It gets a bit inconvenient everytime I find a rich patch of Tiberium.
  • To chat, press the Enter key.
  • Building more War Factories doesn't equate to faster vehicle production, not that I noticed.
The game seems to suffer from the same "slowness" inherited from its series predecessor (Tiberium Sun) and its technological predecessor (Generals). I wonder what happened to the speed and urgency of Red Alert 2.