Thursday, June 28, 2007

Puzzled? Don't Be! Join the League!

If there's anything that screams Game of The Year material, it would be Planet Puzzle League for the Nintendo DS. A Touch! Generations title which is a combination of Bejewelled and Tetris, along with some interesting gameplay modes, PPL rocks and is really quite addictive.

Gameplay is divided into Single Player, Daily Play (think single player, in smaller doses), local WiFi and Nintendo WFC. Single Player features a variety of modes, with Endless being the choice for me (you should try it too, if you have plenty of time to kill).

Daily Play features game modes that require just 2 minutes of play; you'll be spending that amount of time trying to get a high score, or clearing lines of rubbish and even adding more rows (Tetris veterans go huh?)! I have not tried out the local WiFi and WFC modes, but this game has certainly proven its mettle in terms of the single player aspect.

I know I've said this before about another game, but it needs to be said here again: the soundtrack to PPL is of particular note. Electronica/dance combines well with the gameplay, and I can foresee a trend in this particular genre.

Like any other Touch! Generations title, Planet Puzzle League is very easy to pick up and play, with the stylus being the primary means of control. In fact I didn't even bother to read the manual when I received my copy of the game today. This must-have title is still available at Play-Asia (click here), and if you fancy the Japanese version known as Panel de Pon, click here.