Friday, June 08, 2007

PSP doesn't (heart) my Dell laptops

This might be an interesting bit of, well, trivia. If you happen to own a Dell laptop, along with a PSP that runs ISO games, do you have difficulty transferring the games from your laptop, to the PSP via a USB cable?

Texan Field Commander says: "Don't go a-judging me now boy, else ah would be opening a can of whoop-a$$ on you."

Now, where did that come from, go back to your hovel, Field Commander. For the record, I've two Dell laptops at home, and both are not able to transfer ISO games to the PSP. And as strange at it seems, my PC is able to do so, and if you think this problem is confined to laptops in general, I've seen a transfer taking place between an Acer notebook and my PSP.

Weird huh?